Sadie Schober from Mountain Grove, Missouri with her sheep at the Tri County Fair. Submitted Photo.
Submitted Photo

Age: 12

Hometown: Mountain Grove, Mo.

Parents: Jessica and Dusty Schober

Siblings: Emmie (9), Finlie (6), Garron (4)

4-H Club: Mountain Grove School District 4-H

Club Leader: Ramona Andrus

What is your involvement in agriculture?

“I show sheep. In the show season I feed them a special food; right now they’re grazing. I ride horses. I raised a bottle calf; she’s now pregnant. She’s a black Angus crossbred. Her momma couldn’t take care of her. I got up at 5:30 every day, made her bottle and fed her, and I fed her every night when I got home. We’ll have cattle branding. We’ll separate out the cows from the calves. We rope the calves by their feet, drag them in, brand them and then give them shots.”

What is your favorite part of living on a farm?

“I love messing with the animals. I like to halter break them [the sheep] even though it can be very frustrating. You pull just a little and reward it for coming, eventually it knows how to be led. As soon as you finish getting it halter broken, the outcome of it is so much fun.”

What are your future plans?

“I’d like to have a really big ranch/farm where we run horses, breed them.”

What is the best advice about agriculture you have received?

“My parents and my uncles say just take your time, don’t get too frustrated. Slow down.”

Awards: “This year at Texas County Fair with my sheep, I won supreme ewe. I won first place in intermediate showmanship [sheep].”


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