Pre-Painted Metal versus Not
Most pre-painted paneling for buildings will have up to 40 year warranties on it. When choosing not to go with the pre-painted siding, McFarland of Lucas Metal warned that repainting a building requires more effort.  “It can be repainted, but the material has to be pickled; they wash it down with vinegar and water, let it totally dry and paint it back with a polyester base, or it has to be silicon. If you do repaint the building it will probably only be good for three to five years.
All sources agreed that pre-painted siding is worth the extra cost it may be.  “Just putting a paint coat over the top of galvanized metal, as long as that paint lasts, you’ve protected the galvanized portion of the building for life of paint. Then once the paint is gone you start the wear on the galvanized surface,” Kaiser at Morton Buildings explained.


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