Hugelkultur technique to be featured on Oklahoma Gardening this weekend


This week on Oklahoma Gardening, show host Casey Hentges is going to take a look at how you can make that pile of tree debris disappear, while also improving your soil and even helping with redirecting water.

This gardening technique is called hugelkultur, which is a German word meaning mound culture or hill culture. While it has been practiced for...

Sharp tools essential for gardeners


The same is true for gardeners, said David Hillock, Oklahoma State University Cooperative Extension consumer horticulturist.

“Having the right tools is important. However, you must make sure your gardening tools are in good working order,” Hillock said. “With gardening season just around the corner, making sure blades are sharp on your lawnmower and...

Planning is key to successfully meeting savings goals


Actually, the first step to a firmer financial footing – establishing a savings plan – does not require any cash, said Sissy Osteen, Oklahoma State University Cooperative Extension personal resource specialist.

“I like to say there are no financial goals, only goals that require money,” Osteen said. “A savings plan is a roadmap to your goals. It als...

OSU animal science unveils new state-of-the-art equine center


“Our new multi-million-dollar center is state of the art and has a teaching barn, small indoor arena, classrooms, feed and tack rooms, a wash rack and a treatment area, all made possible by the generosity of horse enthusiasts who believe in what we are doing in support of Oklahoma’s equine industry,” said Clint Rusk, head of the OSU Department of A...

OSU introduces new hard white wheat variety


Stardust is the first hard white wheat variety released by OSU since OK Rising in 2008.

The new variety, whose parentage includes OK Rising, features an improved level of sprout tolerance with agronomic capabilities and yield potential comparable to some of OSU’s most popular hard red varieties.

Its quality characteristics and lighter brancoat make...

Premier canola event set for Feb. 18 in Enid


“It’s a great opportunity to learn from and speak with leading experts in the field, and interact with more than 300 new or veteran canola producers and industry members,” said Ron Sholar, Great Plains Canola Association executive director. “This will be the premier canola education and training event in the region for 2016.” 

There is no cost to...

There is light at the end of the tunnel after wildfires


“Many people don’t understand the role of fire in the ecosystem,” said John Weir, research associate in Oklahoma State University’s Department of Natural Resource Ecology and Management. “Fire has been, and still is, an essential part of maintaining healthy native grassland, shrubland and forest ecosystems and has positive impacts.”

The proper use...

Winter landscape requires moisture


Dry soil, coupled with strong winter winds, can wreak havoc on a plant, said David Hillock, Oklahoma State University Cooperative Extension consumer horticulturist.

“Even though it seems plants are dormant in the winter, all plants, especially narrowleaf and broadleaf evergreens, use and need water during the winter,” Hillock said. “When little or n...

A browse survey gives landowners a better deer picture


However, combining that rough number with the information provided from a browse survey can help landowners better manage their property, said Dwayne Elmore, Oklahoma State University Cooperative Extension wildlife specialist.

“A property can have a deer per 20 acres and actually be understocked and another property might have a deer per 40 acres a...

It is wise to be firewise


However, the benefits are hard to imagine when a wildfire gets into structures such as houses, barns and sheds.

The National Firewise Communities ( program is a good reference to become proactive against wildfires before they happen, said Dwayne Elmore, Oklahoma State University Cooperative Extension wildlife specialist. Taking simple...

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