Extended Story Information

Here is a look at extended information and resources from various stories in the printed edition of Ozarks Farm & Neighbor.

Dairy Coop Being Investigated

Farmers group accused of conspiring to boost profits in dairy-pricing scheme

Horn Flies

Visit MU Extensions's "Walk-Through Trap to Control Horn Flies on Cattle"

Alfalfa Weevil Sightings

Ohio Extension: Entomology- Alfalfa Weevil

Healthy Eating and Fitness for Farmers

The following sites are some additional resources related to healthy eating and fitness.Physical Activity for EveryonePhysical Activity and Public Health GuidelinesThe State of Missourians'...

Flooding and Pasture Lands

For additional information on flooding and your pastures, please visit the following website. www.aragriculture.org/soil_water/default.htm

Arkansas State Building Codes & Contacts

For Arkansas state building codes and contact information, please visit http://www.co.washington.ar.us/Planning/images/ABC.pdf

Fainting Goats

American Livestock Breeds Conservancy websiteClick here to watch a video showing a litte more about fainting goats (3.9 MB) 

Weighing Wind Energy

Here is some additional information we found quite informative while researching our recent article on wind energy.What a Skystream Windmill would look like on...

Better Buildings

Pre-Painted Metal versus NotMost pre-painted paneling for buildings will have up to 40 year warranties on it. When choosing not to go with the...
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