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Hometown: Bluejacket, Okla.

Family: Tricia (Wife), and two children, Lexi (21) and Tucker (19)

In Town: Heath got into law enforcement because he felt the need to help people, especially in the rural area of Craig County. He began his career with the Craig County Sheriff’s Office before joining the Vinita Police Department. After working for the State of Oklahoma Corporation Commission, Heath was elected sheriff of Craig County in 2016. He is in his second term in office.

“I love my community,” Heath said. “Growing up in this area, both personally and professionally, I wanted to create an environment of trust and professionalism with a simple mission of doing the right thing.”

Heath said he loves serving in the county he’s called home his whole life, and takes pride in serving the people who live in the area. “This job has many ups and downs,” Heath said. “It’s a tough business to be in. Those times when our office is able to make an impact on someone and help them through a bad situation is always a great feeling.”

In the Country: Heath grew up in a culture steeped in agriculture. He said living in rural Craig County, Okla., agriculture was always part of his life.

After marrying Tricia, Heath said his father-in-law’s love of cattle played a role in continuing the tradition for the next generation.

“I enjoyed being able to help him and learn from him,” Heath said. “I like independence of being your own boss.”

The family farm on a ranch located near Bluejacket. It consists of both owned and leased pasture. They run a commercial cow/calf operation, mostly consisting of Brangus, running approximately 40 head on a regular basis. 

“I love working outdoors and the challenges that cattle bring,” Heath said. “You learn something new all the time. I enjoy the challenge. It is always different and most of the time you have to adapt to the changing environment, whether it be markets or weather.”

Heath said some days, depending on the season, juggling both careers can be hectic. 

“At the end of the day my commitment to the people comes first,” Heath said. “It always has me behind at home.”

Future Plans: Heath said he will always work cattle at some level. He plans to run for a third term in office, and then probably start looking at what’s next after that term.


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