Farmer and pilot Kiman Kingsley also serves up family favorites at The Hanger Kafe. Photo by Ruth Hunter.
Photo by Ruth Hunter

Farmer and pilot also serves up family favorites at The Hangar Kafe 

MILLER, MO. – Nestled amidst the picturesque corn, soybean and wheat fields of Miller, Mo., lies a hidden gem that combines the allure of aviation with the comforts of home-style cooking. The Hanger Kafe is a charming establishment that captures some attention. With vibrant airplanes, numerous hangars, and a colorful building adorned with model aircraft suspended from the ceiling, the Hangar Kafe, owned by Kiman Kingsley, is a sight to behold.

“We have 4,000 acres and we farm corn, wheat, and soybeans,” Kiman said. “The farm has been in our family for five generations; my daughter will make the fifth. Before that, my mother came from a multi-generational farming family in Ohio. 

Inside the Hangar Kafe in Miller Missouri. Photo by Ruth Hunter.
Photo by Ruth Hunter

“I was fascinated by planes since I was a little boy. I got books about them and my mom said I would try to reach up with a stick to touch the planes when they would fly by, as they were inspecting the pipelines. When I graduated from school, I went to flight school in Joplin, graduating in 1989 with a pilot’s license. It cost me $3,000 back then. It costs $25,000 now. I have an instrument license, a commercial air license and also a lighter than air license to fly hot air balloons. After receiving my license, I got a job flying pipelines.” 

He said he flew from Chicago to Houston, and from Houston on to Toledo every week for 10 years while still farming. After landing in Oak Grove, La., and enjoying the meal at a local catfish house on the airfield, something hit him.

“I got the idea for the Hangar Kafe,” Kiman said. “Another place of inspiration was in Clarksville, Ky., It seemed if there were airplanes, there were pilots and people wanting a place to get a meal.”

After he quit the pipeline, he got into crop dusting. This year he said it was worms in the corn. They bought their first plane in 2003 and paid for it that year. Over the next couple of years, they bought three more planes, and were again able to pay for them within the year. 

“The more planes you have, the more acreage you can do, and the more you can make,” Kiman said. He now has 21 planes. 

“We purchased planes, built the airport and in 2012 built the restaurant,” he said. “We opened on April 5, 2013. It wasn’t long, and we found we had enough business; we needed a banquet hall and added it on.” 

The banquet hall is decorated with lights that look like hot air balloons.

The sight of adventurous skydivers descending from the heavens is a common occurrence, captivating both diners and passersby alike. The thrill of witnessing these daredevils in action only adds to the vibrant atmosphere of the Hangar Kafe.

In addition to skydiving, the Hangar Kafe attracts the attention of the National Guard, which occasionally graces the establishment with its presence during practice runs. The awe-inspiring sight of their Chinook helicopters landing and taking off further ignites the passion for aviation that permeates the café’s ambiance.

While the aviation theme sets the Hangar Kafe apart, it is the home-cooked meals that leave a lasting impression. Photo by Ruth Hunter.
Photo by Ruth Hunter

In the fall season, visitors can partake in the age-old tradition of apple butter making. The café also hosts threshing machine demonstrations, and car shows. On occasion, they feature live music performances. To stay updated on the upcoming events, check the café’s Facebook page, where they will find a wealth of information and announcements.

“We are still running the spraying business and I have also started an Ag Aviation School,” Kiman said. “I have trained young people from all over the world. I trained one young man from the Cayman Islands and he now makes $250,000 a year dusting for mosquitoes down there. Another Mennonite family, originally from Canada, now has a spraying business in Mexico. I’m very proud of that.”

While the aviation theme sets the Hangar Kafe apart, it is the home-cooked meals that leave a lasting impression. 

The menu offers lunch specials of Rueben sandwiches, baskets that include battered shrimp, wings and fries, and chicken strips. 

For heartier appetites, there is chicken fried steaks, hot beef sandwiches, while on weekends the Hangar Kafe started a steak night. The café caters to young diners with a kid-friendly menu. Just want a snack? There are side items like fried okra, fried mushrooms, fried pickles and fried cheese curds. 


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