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Blueprints don’t have to be intimidating

For individuals who are unfamiliar with construction, understanding blueprints for a construction project may seem intimidating. 

A blueprint is a drawing that is two-dimensional, detailed representation of how an architect or builder wants a building to look. These drawings normally specify a building’s dimension, construction materials and exact placement of all its components. 

Wade Reed has been buildings houses, shops and barns for many years. He has built many different buildings as well as renovated interiors. 

“First, sit down and talk to the builder. Tell them exactly what you want to start with and go from there,” Reed said. “ The builder will often give you suggestions or make changes at your request.”

Builders rely on these blueprints to construct buildings a certain way. When looking into building a barn, shop, house or even renovations, Reed said it is best to consult with someone who has experience in construction. 

There are three main types of blueprints. Plan view drawings are a bird’s-eye view from above. Elevation view drawings are from the outside and often used to show the appearance of the outside of a building. Section view drawings are drawn on a vertical plane by revealing hidden areas of a blueprint revealing electric wires, studs and insultation. 

Reed added that blueprints include a legend which is like the key you would find on a map. 

“Most title blocks include the plan index. It is a handy guide that lists all the drawings in your blueprint set,” Reed stated “The title block also includes a plan legend. This defines all the symbols used in the drawings.”

The title block also includes the scale of the blueprint, for example: one-quarter inch equals a foot. 

“Blueprints have a grid that allow you to easily and quickly find a certain point,” Reed said.

Doors and windows are an important feature of a blueprint. Doors are gaps and are often displayed with a mock curve that represents which way the door will swing. Windows are represented as lines within a wall and sometimes may be represented as coming out from the wall, depending on the type of window. 

Reed said the best thing to do is to find a blueprint online or find an architect that can draw a blueprint up exactly how the individual wants their building.


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