Program gives producers a way to set their pre-conditioned calves apart from others by using a green ear tag. Photo courtesy of the Arkansas Department of Agriculture.
Photo Courtesy of the Arkansas Department of Agriculture

Program gives producers a way to set their pre-conditioned calves apart from others 

The Arkansas Natural State Preconditioned Calf Program, or the NSPCP, has created a program called the GoGreen program, which is a pre-conditioned calf program that provides a green ear tag to cattle that have met the set requirements. Mike McClintock, a county extension agent, has provided information on the value this program holds. 

“The NSPCP was started a few years ago to give Arkansas Ranchers an opportunity to participate in a verifiable calf program,” said McClintock, county extension agent, in Boone County, Arkansas. 

The GoGreen program was created as a way for pre-conditioned calves to be set apart from the other cattle in the salebarn. This program can benefit the cattle, the seller and the sell barn simply by placing this green tag on the ear of each calf that has met the minimum qualifications of the program. 

“Preconditioning is the process of weaning calves on the farm and getting them over the highly stressful event of weaning instead of just removing them from their mother and taking them straight to the sale barn,” said McClintock. “Preconditioned calves assure the buyers that they can buy with confidence knowing the cattle will not get sick or die when they are comingled with cattle from other ranches.”

The NSPCP green tag is a symbol that guarantees the calves have been through the screening process that verifies they are preconditioned. Once they have their green tag, they become more valuable to the buyer and the seller. 

“Sale barns will benefit by offering a product that, many times, buyers are willing to pay premium prices for. For producers, preconditioned cattle will almost always bring a premium price per pound,” stated McClintock. 

By creating this program, the NSPCP has positively impacted the sale barn atmosphere and has changed the game regarding how calves are sold. 

“Buyers will always be attracted to preconditioned calves, especially in the fall. These calves will arrive at new destinations and usually go right to eating and drinking and never get sick,” said McClintock. 

To get involved with the GoGreen program, the rancher must first be Beef Quality Assurance certified. Ranchers should then develop a calf management plan and pay their ranch enrollment fee. 

More information regarding the necessary qualifying conditions for the GoGreen program can be found at


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