Hometown: Johnson, Ark.

Family: Husband, Eric; daughter, Jessica (20); and son, Evan (15)

In Town: “I am the chief development officer for the Alpha Gamma Rho Educational Foundation, whose purpose is to make better men by supplying funds for national needs. Funds go to leadership seminars and training for advisors and house mothers, as well as scholarships and aid in local fraternity housing development.

“I also belong to the Rotary Club and the Business and Professional Women of Arkansas. My husband Eric is a sales representative for Leather Brothers, an Arkansas-based veterinary supply company. Our daughter Jessica graduated from the University of Arkansas with a political science degree and is now pursuing a master’s of design in the school of architecture. Evan is a very strong student who is deeply involved in athletics.”

In the Country: “Our farm was homesteaded in 1887 and we are the sixth generation on the land. While we own 11 acres, we have access to the rest of the family acreage and mix our herd with that of my father Pat Bettis, including the use his registered Angus bull. We run mostly black commercial cows but have some influence, especially Red Angus and Maine Anjou, from our show heifers, which we bought bred or were bred through AI in order to compete on the national level. Evan is in FFA, which could very well mean returning to breeding for show cattle. We generally have spring and fall calves, beginning in October and the beginning of March. We retain a few heifers to keep as replacements as we rotate out older cows. Our Bermuda, fescue and clover pastures are fertilized with a commercial blend and broadcast sprayed in the spring, with spot spraying predominantly in the fall. These pastures provide the family’s hay needs so grain is fed only when hay runs low. While the farm has multiple ponds, we also have a show barn with city water. On a more organizational note, I have served on our local fair board and am involved and/or affiliated with the 4H, FFA and Farm Bureau.”

Future: “Our daughter is deeply interested in moving back to the area and perhaps someday helping run the farm. Our son also says that he wants to raise his family on this farm. Eric and I both have strong agricultural backgrounds and love the lifestyle, and we are so proud that both of our children feel the same. We are committed to continuing our heritage by providing a legacy for future generations.”


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