Owner: Dr. Erik Anderson

Location: El Dorado Springs, Mo.

History: Dr. Erik Anderson has been a veterinarian for 22 years, but has had his own clinic since 2005.

“I chose to become a vet because I grew up on a farm and knew I wanted to do some aspect of the farm. I enjoyed the medical part of caring for animals so I made my decision and never looked back.”

Dr. Anderson is a graduate of the University of Missouri-Columbia, and worked in Nebraska and Colorado before moving back to be near his original home of El Dorado Springs, Mo.

Services: Dr. Anderson enjoys the challenge of treating animals, both large and small. He said it’s possible to do almost anything with the technology of today. He does sonar pregnancy checks and evaluates semen. Teeth floating for horses is something he does a lot.

Small animal dentistry and bloodwork for diabetes and other illnesses are routine services.

“Most anything you do for humans, we can do for animals,” Dr. Anderson said. “I try to provide the best care for the animal that is possible and make it an enjoyable experience for the animal, as well as their human bond. When it goes well, I feel good about it.”

In food animal production, Dr. Anderson stresses streamlining it to make cattle more efficient for producers from a nutritional standpoint. 54 Vet Clinic provides quality feed for sale, as well as for those animals on a certain diet or with prescription basis requirements for small amounts, but the need for food for larger animals and in larger amounts, Dr. Anderson sends the buyer to his wife Stacy’s store, which is 54 Feed and Seed.

Advice to future veterinarians: When kids come to the clinic telling Dr. Anderson they want to become vets, he tells them it’s a matter of putting their minds to it and working for that specialty. He encourages them to see if that is what they want to do.

“Today, the specialty can be almost anything especially in more populated areas. Veterinarians specialize in surgery, exotic animals; the field is wide open.”


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