Woods Trading Company

Location: Mountain Grove, Mo.
Owners: Buzz and Sharon (pictured) Woods

Products and Services: Growing describes Woods Trading Company well, which features a variety of all things with a western, ranch-style flavor, including western and lodge leather and cowhide furniture, custom-designed hats, clothing, belts, boots, home and wall décor, signage, jewelry, homemade candles and custom framing. “We have framed art by some of the most sought-after western artists,” Sharon continued. “We pride ourselves on our products as well as our prices. We have people drive from other states to come shop at our store.”
Sharon’s own artistic creations from clear candles to custom-designed cowboy hats are some of what makes her business beautifully unique. Her custom-designed hats are one of Sharon’s biggest creative draws but she admitted that making them can be quite a challenge at times. She enhances them with drawings of all sorts including from flowers to musical notes. “One lady wanted a six-hitch running stagecoach team on her hat and they had to look like they were moving. It was difficult but she was delighted with the outcome and that’s really what it’s all about.”

Future Plans: As they have every year, Buzz and Sharon have been busy preparing inventory to host a booth at December’s National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas. While they have done so for the past six years, this year they are hosting two booths in two different locations at this national event. “It’s pretty exciting,” Sharon added, “as several people didn’t think we would get this opportunity but it came through for us so now we have plenty of work to do, getting ready for such a major event. This is certainly one of the best ways for us to let people outside of our immediate area, know about what we do and what we can offer.”
Sharon is also looking into custom engraving as the next major addition to her artistic expressions. “I saw an engraved casket recently, so that was different,” she added with a laugh. “We are looking to engrave everything from headboards to the concrete on your floor. The imagination is the only limit to what we will be able to do for our customers. The manufacturers already add images like steer heads, deer and crosses to a number of items now, so this would be another way to further personalize any item.”
She concluded, “We are both lifetime residents of the area. Buzz grew up in Mountain Grove and myself in Ava. We have 11 grandchildren and this business keeps us busy and we love it that way.”


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