Chapman Feed & Seed

Owner: Steve Chapman
Location: Pierce City, Mo

History: As a fifth generation farmer in Newton County, Mo., Steve Chapman, knows the ins and outs of running a dairy and row crop farm. Five years ago, in order to diversify his farming operation, Steve started a business called Chapman Seed and Farm. After several years as an area dealer for Lewis Hybrids, Steve began selling for Beck’s Hybrids.
“This is Beck’s Hybrids 80th anniversary. It is still family owned. They buy all their genetics and traits from all the major players. They pick a lot of their hybrids for the region that they are selling in. Beck’s is the fourth largest seed company in the United States but they are only selling in nine states. So they dominate the areas they are in,” Steve explained.

About the Company: Steve sells seeds and other products to clients from West Plains, Mo., to the state of Texas. As a farmer himself, Steve appreciates the variety of products Beck’s offers to farmers.
“All their corn and soybeans are 100 percent replant no matter how much you buy. (Beck’s) just have a lot more options. If there is a product out there and it’s available, we have it. So we just have a lot more choices for the farmers. Whatever they want we can get it for them.” Steve said. In addition, Steve enjoys the benefits Beck’s passes on to customers.
“They have commitment programs. So for the small farmers they have certain items and for the large farmers they lease bigger items like tractors and trailers and offer lease options on sprayers and combines and things like that. So where the big companies are giving money to the stock market, Beck’s is giving it back to the farmers. They are unique that way,” Steve added.

Future: When Steve thinks about the future of Chapman Seed and Farm he plans to continue to expand the services he provides farmers. He has started offering Easiload seed tenders and is assisting farmers with cover crops. His goal is to offer everything farmers need for a successful row crop operation.


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