COLUMBIA, Mo. – Missouri Dairy Profit Seminars cover three major topics: health, nutrition and reproduction. “The three affect profits,” says Joe Horner, University of Missouri Extension dairy economist.

Five meetings, Feb. 22-26, cover the state’s dairy production regions. The schedules fit farm schedules. Starting at 9:30 a.m. and ending by 3:15 p.m., Horner says, “allows dairy farmers to milk cows, morning and evening.” Speakers will be from the University of Missouri, industry and the Missouri Dairy Association. A guest speaker comes from the University of Illinois.

Dates, locations and contact information:

-Feb. 22, Pork Palace, State Fair Grounds, Sedalia; MU Extension in Pettis County, 660-827-0591.

-Feb. 23, Springfield Livestock Marketing Center, Springfield; Reagan Bluel, 417-847-3161.

-Feb. 24, MSU State Fruit Research Center, Mountain Grove; Ted Probert, 417-741-6134.

-Feb. 25, MU Extension Center in Cape Girardeau County, Jackson; 573-243-3581.

-Feb. 26, Hagie’s Nineteen Restaurant, 618 N. Washington, Union; Ken Bolte, 636-583-5141.

Registration costs $20 each, with payment due on arrival. That includes lunch. Advance notice for meal count required by calling the number shown for the site.

As a bonus, producers can bring a sample of their total mixed ration for analysis.

The speaker from the University of Illinois is a veterinarian with a lifelong interest in dairy cows. Phil Cardoso will cover two areas of his research: Corn foliar fungicide effects on dairy cow performance and impact of amino acids on reproduction. He will bring experience from his native Brazil. He starts and wraps up the agenda.

Trace mineral impact on calf immunity will be told by Dan Tracy of Multimin USA.

Missouri Dairy Revitalization, new state legislation, will be updated by Dave Drennan of the Missouri Dairy Association.

After lunch, the “Implications of the Veterinary Feed Directives” will be given by MU Extension veterinarian Scott Poock, Columbia.

Ten key benchmarks will be explained by Reagan Bluel, MU Extension regional dairy specialist, Cassville.

Registration opens at 9:30 a.m. with milk and coffee break.

Full program details are at

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