Rebekah Kromrie

Age: 17
Grade: Senior, Home school
Family: Parents, Ken and Susan Kromrie, 5 sisters and 2 brothers
Hometown: Lebanon, Mo.
4-H Club: Friendship 4-H
4-H Leader: Sam Lower

Involvement in Agriculture: Rebekah Kromrie lives on her family’s farm in rural Laclede County. “We moved here 10 years or so ago from Wisconsin. We have cows, horses, ducks, chickens and turkeys as well as dogs and cats, of course. We had around 20 head of cattle before the drought of the last couple of years and now we have about 10. We sold some to be able to keep feeding the horses, about 18 or 19 of them, Morgans and Morabs. My sisters and I help with the morning feeding. The ducks, chickens and turkeys are more of a food supply, eggs and meat. And really, they are all like pets.” She added with a big smile.

4-H Activities: “I’m in the Friendship 4-H Club in Lebanon and we have all sorts of hands-on learning experiences. We do crafts, food, robots, child care and animal care. There is such a wide variety. Last year, I did a course on international foods and that was so interesting. The teacher did a lot of background on the cultures where the food came from that we were making so that was great. This year I’m doing film making, cake decorating and crocheting. We haven’t had our first film making class yet so I’m looking forward to that.”
Recently, Rebekah received a $500 scholarship from the Show-Me State Shootout bull riding competition held in Lebanon in a drawing that included the names of several 4-H members.

Future Plans: “I’m a senior this year, home schooled and for college, I’d like to go to William Woods College and study to be a sign language interpreter. That first came to me last year on a mission trip to Nicaragua. It was a month long trip through All Star Ministries, a mission group that takes youth around the world. We do a drama that shares the Bible in chronological order, from the fall of man all the way through to the life of Christ. I was part of that drama. I visited Managua, the capital city and several nearby cities.
“I also have a real interest in ancient history and I’d like to study the classic Greek and Roman cultures. I don’t know exactly where I will end up. I could see myself living in the country but also in a bigger city.”


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