It’s deer season in the Ozarks. For many deer season is a cherished tradition and lifestyle. Deer harvested this fall is a staple on the dinner table for many families.
When I was a child wild game was often found on the supper menu. Hunting was a way of “killing two birds with one stone,” so to speak, because my dad loved to hunt and our growing family needed the harvested game whether it was deer, turkey, squirrel or rabbit. Some of my fondest memories include going into the woods with dad to scout for rubs, check on deer stands and helping him clean the game. I look forward to a time when I can pass on the same cherished memories to my future children.
I hope you have the chance to get out in the woods this deer season and create fond memories of your own with family and friends. It’s important that we keep our hunting heritage alive. I encourage you to take a child out with you this season and teach them hunting safety and the importance of this lifestyle.
With all of this talk about wild game cooking in the kitchen let me just remind you that we will be publishing our Country Christmas Cookbook in the December 8th issue and I need your help collecting recipes. Please send me your favorite family recipes to share with our readers in this year’s Cookbook. Recipes can be mailed to PO Box 6, Prairie Grove, AR, 72753, faxed to 417-532-4721 or emailed to [email protected]
While you are sending in your favorite recipes be sure to take a moment to vote for your favorite recipe of 2014. You will find the ballot for our Reader’s Choice on the next page. Kindly send in your nominations by November 21st.


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