Dr. John Chaney

The Oklahoma State University psychology department has received a five-year, $1.2 million federal grant to continue its highly successful American Indians Into Psychology (AIIP) program.  The grant is provided by Indian Health Services (IHS).

“It has been my privilege to direct the American Indians Into Psychology program at OSU for the past seventeen years,” said Dr. John Chaney, Regents Professor of psychology.  “The most recent five-year grant we received from IHS will allow us to continue with our mission to provide financial support and unique educational opportunities for American Indian undergraduate and graduate students to pursue careers in the mental health field.” 

Since the program’s inception in 1997, OSU has awarded 21 doctorates in psychology to American Indian students.  An additional 15 past participants in the undergraduate summer enrichment program are currently completing their Ph.D.’s at OSY and other universities across the country. 

“The success of our program is a testament to the quality of our American Indian students and the support we receive from the OSU administration and my psychology department colleagues,” Chaney said. 

OSU receives $1.2 million for successful American Indian psychology program

Front Row: Victoria O’Keefe, Ashley Cole, Ashleigh Coser. Back Row: Patricia Alexander (Program Assistant), Sean Seabridge, Kristen Frosio, Trey Fogleman, John Chaney, Ph.D. (Program Director).

OSU has awarded more doctorates in psychology, science, and engineering to American Indian students than any other university in the United States.  The AIIP program was established in 1992 as part of the Indian Health Care Improvement Act and seeks to fill several roles:

·         Provide outreach and recruitment for mental health careers to American Indian communities nationwide.

·         Develop liaisons with tribal communities, university affiliated programs, and other entities to promote the education of American Indian students

·         Provide summer mentoring programs for American Indian students to gain exposure to diverse aspects of the field of psychology through research, clinical, and experimental activities.

·         Provide stipends to undergraduate and graduate students to pursue a career in psychology.

·         Provide psychological services to under-served American Indian communities by establishing training opportunities for psychology graduate students in American Indian communities.


More information on the AIIP program: http://psychology.okstate.edu/faculty-page?id=21

Read more https://news.okstate.edu/press-releases/2922-osu-receives-12-million-for-successful-american-indian-psychology-program


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