Oklahoma State University has named 118 incoming freshmen to its President’s Leadership Council (PLC) for the 2014-2015 school year. PLC is a freshmen scholarship and academic leadership program that emphasizes the importance of leadership and service throughout life.

Students in the President’s Leadership Council complete a year-long class to develop skills including problem solving, self-assessment, planning and implementing change, and team building and maintenance. They also coordinate a leadership conference for high school seniors and complete 40 hours of volunteer service.

PLC students have the option to attend a leadership study abroad international study that will take them to Greece and Italy in May 2015.

“To meet the challenges of the 21st century, Oklahoma needs to develop creative, ethical, inclusive and effective leaders,” said Stephen Haseley, director, President’s Leadership Council. “The council will meet this challenge through an academic course of instruction, scholarship, service-learning field experiences, leadership conference development and implementation for high school seniors, and international study. Like previous participants in this program, this year’s members will enhance their understanding of ethics and leadership and make positive contributions to OSU, the state of Oklahoma, the nation, and the world.” 

For more information about President’s Leadership Council you can contact the Center for Ethical Leadership at (405) 744-5485.

Pictures and other scholarship information for each student is available upon request. 

Please contact OSU Communications at (405) 744-6260.

Listed below by hometown, along with proposed major, parents names and high school, is this year’s PLC class: 



​​Wyatt Shaw, Agricultural Education and Agricultural Communications, Chris and Amy Shaw, Byng H.S.

​Katelyn Wad​e, Agricultural Communications, Chance and Crystal Wade, Byng H.S. 


Courtney Mapes, Animal Science and Agricultural Communications, Jeff and Michelle Mapes, Alva H.S. 

Big Cabin

Toni Morgan, Agricultural Education and Agricultural Communications, Rick and Tisha Morgan, Adair H.S. 


Jake Tyler, Construction Management Technology, Bristow H.S.

Broken Arrow

Emily Sanderlin, Undeclared, Bryan and Mary Sanderlin, Bishop Kelley H.S. 


Briseida Sarabia, Human Development and Family Science, Jenaro and Alma Sarabia, Buffalo H.S.


​Connor Fischer, Biomechanical Engineering, Leon and Cristy Fischer, Chattanooga H.S. 


Kaydee King, Architecture, Danny and Vicky King, Chickasha H.S.


Cassidy Gierhart, Mechanical Engineering, Douglas and Susan Gierhart, Choctaw H.S.


Clayton Salley, Nutritional Sciences, Claremore H.S.


Britany Navarro, Athletic Training, Edmund and Brenda Navarro, Coweta H.S. 


Logan Christensen, Undeclared, Chris and Karen Christensen, Crescent H.S. 


Kira Cox, Nutrition and Dietetics, Tim and Rosalea Cox, Cushing H.S.


Cale Williams, Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering, Carl and Karen Williams, Coyle H.S. 


Sydney Henricks, Strategic Communications, Jeff and Lea Henricks, Duncan H.S. 

Justin McCall, Biology, Danny and Donna McCall, Duncan H.S.

Kaila Williams, Animal Science, Agriculture Communications and Sports Media, Kenneth and Deanna Williams, Central H.S.


Hallie Ball, Strategic Communications, Larry and Diane Ball, Edmond Memorial H.S.

Aubrie Bowlan, Vocal Music Education, Chad and Heather Bowlan, Edmond North H.S.

Tanner Cowan, Mechanical Engineering, Putnam City North H.S.

Abigail Mauck, Marketing, Brian and Jennifer Mauck, Edmond Memorial H.S.

Gonzalo Morillas, Marketing, Pedro and Sara Morillas, Edmond Santa Fe H.S.

Caroline Roach, Strategic Communications, Ron and Valerie Roach, Edmond North H.S.

Rebekah Sanders, Biochemical Engineering/Pre-Med, Jeremy and Michele Sanders, Deer Creek H.S. 

El Reno

Mary McCann, Multimedia Journalism/Pre-Law, Scott and M’Lynn McCann, El Reno H.S. 

Elk City

Benjamin Firth, Nutrition/Pre-Med and Spanish, Paul and Cheryl Firth, Elk City H.S.

Baleigh Owens, Undeclared, El Reno H.S. 


Hannah Jackson, Architecture, Oklahoma Bible Academy


Kylie Carroll, Agriculture Communications and Agriculture Business, Terry and Janet Carroll, Fletcher H.S.

Fort Cobb

Alec Dyer, Civil Engineering, Mark and Karin Dyer, Fort Cobb – Broxton H.S. 


Mekaila Carey, Spanish and International Business, James and Staci Carey, Guthrie H.S.


Madison Lockhart, Economics, Ray and Dee Lockhart, Haworth H.S.


Alicia Fuksa, Diet and Exercise, Chris and Janice Fuksa, Hennessey H.S. 


Brittany Krehbiel, Agricultural Economics, Jeff and Karen Krehbiel, Hinton H.S.


Jenifer Caudle, Jenks H. S., (no other information given)

Molly Crowe, Aerospace Engineering, Kirby and Nancy Crowe, Jenks H.S.

​Mary Revard, Dietetics, Mark and Laurie Revard, Bishop Kelley H.S.


Haylee Lindsey, Entomology, Chris and Valerie Lindsey, Kellyville H.S.


Abigail Arthaud, Agricultural Communications, Scott and Angela Arthaud, Homeschool


Blair Kloeppel, Agricultural Business, Tom and Sandra Kloeppel, Kingfisher H.S. 


Trey Schoenhals, Agricultural Economics, Dennis and Pamela Schoenhals, Kremlin – Hillsdale H.S. 


Jake Fanning, Agribusiness/Pre-Law, Tom and Michele Fanning, Laverne H.S.


​Madison Slawson, Pre-Med, Ron and Paulla Slawson, Kiowa H.S. 

Midwest City

Chase Gooch, Economics, Charles and Lorraine Gooch, Choctaw H.S.


Shelby Ellicott, Molecular Biology/Biochemistry and Spanish, Steven and Brandy Ellicott, Moore H.S.


Corby Covalt, Undeclared, Connie and Tammy Covalt, Mooreland H.S. 


Megan DeVuyst, Agribusiness/Pre-Law, Eric and Cheryl Devuyst, Morrison H.S.

Victoria Sanders, Spanish, Morrison H.S. 


Kyleigh McNabb, Mechanical Engineering, Steven and Melissa McNabb, Beggs H.S. 


Haley Ashwood, Agricultural Leadership, Andrew and Jennifer Ashwood, Oktaha H.S.

Ellen Cole, Food Science, Evan and Sherri Cole, Fort Gibson H.S.

Katie Matthews, Mechanical Engineering, Tim and Cindy Matthews, Muskogee H.S.


Carson Mulligan, Economics and Political Science, Richard and Lesa Mulligan, Norman North H.S.

Katie Seamans, Biological Sciences, Norman North H.S. 


Kol Bomhoff, Education, Kevin and Annye Bomhoff, Okarche H.S.


Joshua Maples, Animal Science, John and Janelle Maples, Okemah H.S. 

Oklahoma City

Tanner Cowan, Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering, Byron and Angie Cowan, Putnam City North H.S.

Caroline O’Hare, Undeclared, Ciaran and Pia O’Hare, Bishop McGuinness H.S.

Jamie Samples, Business, Mark and Kathie Samples, Putnam City North H.S.


Megan Gallagher, Early Childhood Development, Stuart and Melinda Gallagher, Owasso H.S.

Austin Wilkes, Biological Sciences, Keith and Angela Wilkes, Rejoice Christian School 

Pauls Valley

Madison Wolf, Animal Science/Pre-Vet, Mat and Angie Wolf, Pauls Valley H.S.


Morgan Vance, Agricultural Economics/Pre-Law, Gary and Karen Vance, Pawnee H.S.


Cody Peterson, Mechanical Engineering, Rusty and D’Ann Peterson, Perry H.S.


Rae Grellner, Biochemistry, Steve and Amy Grellner, Okarche H.S.


Lena Ast, Human Development and Family Science, Leon and Mary Ast, Amber – Pocasset H.S.

Ponca City

Lindsey Dickerson, Computer Engineering, Don and Pam Dickerson, Ponca City H.S.


Ashton Reece, Animal Science, Ryan and Deedra Reece, Sapulpa H.S.

Katelyn Robinson, Health Education and Promotion, Shawn and Laura Robinson, Mingo Valley Christian School 


Colton Clark, Management Information Systems, Tommy and Beth Clark, Seminole High School 


Ashlee Shryock, Strategic Communications, Stacy Shryock and Lacie Woodson, Shattuck H.S. 


Lane Murphy, Business, Francis and Laurie Murphy, Shidler H.S.


Zac Mullins, Education, Mike and Kim Mullins, Skiatook H.S.


Abigail Alred, Human Resource Management, Jim and Heather Alred, Stillwater H.S.

Matthew Arrington, Physiology, Bill and Kelly Arrington, Stillwater H.S.

Sarah Carpenter, Mathematics, Terry and Pam Carpenter, Stillwater H.S.

Nathan Herrmann, Business, Don and Mary Herrmann, Stillwater H.S.

Aubry Huff, French and Fashion Merchandising, Tim and Crystal Huff, Stillwater H.S.

Rylee Pittman, Secondary Education, Rikki Pittman, Stillwater H.S.

John Price, Chemical Engineering, Stillwater H.S.


Shelby Fritts, Human Development and Family Science, Scott and Shelia Fritts, Tahlequah H.S.

Darcy Worth, Business Management, Steve and Jodeen Worth, Tahlequah H.S. 


Cordelle Elsener, Agricultural Business and Agricultural Communications, Dan and Twyla Elsener, Frederick H.S.


Bailey Amis, Strategic Communications, John and Kara Amis, Jenks H.S.

Jennifer Caudle, Marketing, Jenks H.S.

Katherine Coon, Entrepreneurship, Robert and Stephanie Coon, Edison Preparatory School

Joanna Earl, Design, Housing and Merchandising, Jenks H.S.

Davis Fronrip, Mechanical Engineering, John and Julie Fronrip, Metro Christian Academy

Noah Kinnison, Nutrition/Pre-Medical Sciences, Patrick and Gina Kinnison, Booker T. Washington H.S.

Lauren Larsen, Psychology, David and Jenny Larsen, Jenks H.S.

Ashleigh Rauner, Multimedia Journalism, Richard and Debbie Rauner, Bishop Kelley H.S.

Allie Sammons, Undeclared, Trevor and Chere Sammons, Jenks H.S.

Mackenzie Staurovsky, Special Education, Jason and Melinda Staurovsky, Bishop Kelley H.S.

Caleb Wilson, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Elizabeth Coffey Mitchell, Metro Christian Academy

Bailey Winters, Undeclared, Craig and Shelley Winters, Berryhill H.S. 


Megan Ragsdale, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology/Pre-Med, Pat and Stacy Ragsdale, Tuttle H.S.


Erika Vinson, Communication Sciences and Disorders, David and Jennifer Vinson, Warner H.S. 


Sarah Meinders, Mechanical Engineering, John and Ingrid Meinders, Woodward H.S.


Paige Wilhite, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology



Alexis Miller, Business, Grandview H.S. 



Kyle Liechti, Animal Science, Roger and Beth Liechti, Ar-We-Va H.S.



Rachel Arnold, Allied Health and Dietetics, Mark and Leslie Arnold, Caldwell H.S.


Kallie Jo Lampe, Animal Science and Agricultural Communications, Jerry and Denise Lampe, Cheney H.S. 


Hannah Devane, Business Administration, Mark and Carolyn Devane, Manhattan H.S.



Anna Hurlbut, Management Science and Information Systems, Patrick and Jill Hurlbut, Lincoln Southwest H.S.


Tyler Martin, Chemical Engineering, Scott and Paulette Martin, Elkhorn South H.S.



Victoria Edwards, Agribusiness, Incarnate Word Academy 


Bradley Cornell, Animal Science, Clint and Shannon Cornell, Claude H.S.​ 

Flower Mound

Hannah Schwartz, Marketing, Robert and Theresa Schwartz, Flower Mound H.S.


Alicia Fortunato, Communication Sciences and Disorders, Andrew and Melanie Fortunato, Keller H.S. 


Rachel Myers, Accounting, Mickey and Nancy Myers, Celeste H.S.


Dalton Metzler, Animal Science and Agricultural Business, Phillip and Juli Metzler, Lindsay H.S.

North Richland Hills

Kelly Edwards, Architecture, Steven and Teresa Edwards, Keller H.S.


Austin Beaver, Entrepreneurship, Plano H.S.


Ty Herring, Engineering, Jay and Lindsay Herring, Prestonwood Christian Academy 


Ralph Henderson, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, J.J. Pearce H.S. 

Round Rock

Jessica Forster, Nutrition and Exercise, Alan and Carolyn Forster, Rouse H.S. 


Tyler Goldsmith, Chemical Engineering, Max and Susan Goldsmith, Pleasant Grove H.S.

Story by Jackson Hodges

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