Angelica Kostik  

Parents: Kristin and Dennis Kostik
Hometown: Neola, Mo.
Education: 7th grade, homeschooled
4-H Club: Turnback Trailblazers
4-H Club Leader: Carla Hayes  

Involvement in ag:  “Right now I’m helping to plan the home garden and do a lot of things to take care of our goats and our chickens too. My brother and I are homeschooled so one of the other things I do is help him to learn while working with our goats and helping him use what we learn in school with our farm work.  
“I have my own business and it is called ‘Ark of Angels Dairy Goats.’ I’ve been doing that for about five or six years. The reason I started the business was to help me get through my father’s illness and his death last September.      
“Having a business with goats has been good because I love working with them. I love it and working with goats has been therapeutic for me. I milk my own goats, sell some of the milk and keep the books to manage the business.”

How else are you involved with 4-H and agriculture?  
“Besides the goats I raise Araucana chickens and Production Reds. I sell the eggs as a side business to goat raising. Between selling eggs, some of the chickens and some goats I will have enough money to go to nationals this year, which it my biggest goal.   
“For the last five years I have been showing my goats at about six different shows each year, but this year I’m going to nationals in Louisville, Ky. There I will be helping out a neighbor to show his goats.   
“Right now with the business it’s early so I’m still in the red after I sold some goats. I’m hoping the upcoming shows and premiums earned will put me back in black this year.”  

Future plans:  “I might try to be an American Dairy Association judge.”


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