Rachel Marie Callison

Age: 12 years old
Hometown: Verona, Mo.
Parents: Kris and Glen Callison
Education: 7th Grade at Verona High School
4-H Club: Mount Comfort 4-H Club
4-H Club Leader: Karla Deaver

Involvement in ag: “I show cattle and I take care of my steers which is really cool. Not only do you get to learn more about how to judge all those kinds of animals you also get to learn more things in agriculture like how your cattle can be affected by different things like feeding, crops, the weather and other stuff. We have Simmental but we sometimes mix them with Angus so I get to see how crossing those cattle gives you a little different animal.”

How else are you involved with 4-H and agriculture?
“I go to 4-H camp as well as go to meetings. I get to do some projects myself and see the projects the other kids are working on. I have seen demonstrations like watching chicks hatch from eggs. I’ve once done poultry, grew them, then butchered them. I usually have two or three animals to show, but this time I have four animals at this year’s youth fair. I have my heifer Margo, my other heifer Gabby, my steer Lance and then my bull Buck.
“It’s really cool to do things like the carcass contest. It’s something we get to do and I have a lot of fun judging the carcasses to see which one is better, trying to match them to what cow they came from.”

Future plans: “My future plans are to become a doctor, because I’m interested in that kind of stuff. I plan to be a human doctor or anything where I can be helping in medicine. I think the body is interesting and it would be cool to help people get well.”


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