Governor Fallin addresses political science class

Oklahoma State University students in Dr. Brandon Lenoir’s Media and Politics class were treated to a unique interactive opportunity with Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin on Monday.  The governor spoke to the class and fielded questions from the students about the challenges and rewards of running a state and running for office in the 24-hour news environment.

“The event provided my students with a unique opportunity to interact with a high profile politician about the issues and concepts covered in our lectures,” Lenoir said.  “By asking the Governor questions, it brought to life the theories discussed during the semester.  On any metric the event was a huge success!”

The meeting lasted more than an hour in 035 Murray Hall (the basement lecture hall) and played to a standing-room only crowd of interested political science students.  After delivering her prepared speech, Gov. Fallin engaged in a question and answer session with the students. 

“In my courses I attempt to pull back the curtain and let the students see what goes on behind the scenes in the political and media environments,” Lenoir said.  “The youth in America are unengaged with politics because they feel they can’t make a difference, or they don’t understand how political decisions affect their daily lives.  Inviting high profile political leaders, like Governor Mary Fallin, to speak hopefully engages the students and fosters their desire to get involved.

“The experience of meeting a chief executive of a state will leave a lasting impression on the students.  It is a memory they will talk about for years to come,” Lenoir said.

The event was streamed live on and is now available at

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