Devin Wilkerson

Age: 17
Family: Dean and Beth Wilkerson, twin brother, Jake; older brother, Zak, age 19
School: Senior at Skyline High School in Urbana, Mo.
FFA Advisors: Jason Blair and Carl Button

What is your involvement in agriculture?
We have a farm, about 200 acres, where we raise pigs, cows and chickens. The pigs are just each summer. We get them in the spring, keep them over the winter, and butcher them in the fall. Our Angus are for beef and we keep back some of the calves each year and butcher some of the others, like some of the steers.”

What is your favorite part of studying agriculture?
“The best part is FFA. I love the contests, the competitions and the trips we get to go on,” she shared with a smile. “The first year I competed in entomology and the next year I did floriculture. My junior year I competed in nursery and landscaping and we won state. I’ve also done public speaking.”
She continued, “Last year we went to Washington D.C. for a leadership conference and we went National FFA Convention in Louisville, Ky., this fall. My team and I got sixth place. My brother, Zak, was also a part of that team. The trip to Washington was my first time on a plane and three out of our four flights were delayed so that was kind of scary.”

Future Plans: “I’m planning on going to Missouri State University. I’ve been leaning toward being a teacher but now I’m thinking about maybe being an ag teacher or even something in the nursery business. I’m also on Student Council and have helped with Special Olympics through that.”

And your favorite activities on the farm?
“I like all of it. When I was a little girl, I loved picking up the eggs and now we go looking for the newborn calves during calving season. I also like spraying down the piglets in the hot summer weather,” she added with a giggle. “I like to go hunting, for deer mostly, although I shot a turkey before. I am hoping to get drawn for an elk tag in New Mexico. My brother, Zak, got one when he was in the sixth grade. We went to Colorado this year and I kept hoping I’d see one but I didn’t. My brother, Jake, has put in for one several years and still not gotten one yet, so if I do get one, I’ll probably give it to him since he’s been waiting so long.”


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