he OSU App Center’s steering committee has awarded three mobile application concepts that involve live broadcasting, alcohol moderation and robot control a total of $15,000 in development funding. Each of the selected app creators and their teams will receive $5,000 worth of developmental and business resources to help produce and commercialize their mobile apps. 

The specific projects which will receive OSU App Center funding include:

A social, live broadcasting app developed by Dr. Eric Chan-Tin, assistant professor of computer science at OSU, that creates a platform to record live videos on a phone and send them to several other devices. The unique feature of this app is its privacy and security aspects that give the control back to the user.

An alcohol moderation app, developed by OSU student William Lechner, is original in the way that it could help students regulate their own alcohol consumption through perfectly timed vibrations from their smartphones. The app helps the user maintain a responsible drinking schedule by waiting until he or she receives a series of vibrations on the phone before ordering another drink.

An Unmanned Flying and Rolling Orb (UFRO) control app will control and operate a multi-functional spherical robot, which can be highly useful for search and rescue missions. The robot combines the advantages of hovering, forward flight, and ground mobility. Its most prominent feature is its ability to self-upright in any undesirable environment. Dr.Jamey Jacob and Loh Weng Kheong in mechanical and aerospace engineering at OSU are the inventors of the UFRO.

The OSU App Center is excited to work with the app creators to help develop and commercialize their app ideas. Funding for the OSU AppCenter is provided by AAA Oklahoma and Cowboy Technologies. For more information on how to apply for the app development grant, please visit www.osuappcenter.com.  People can also follow the App Center on twitter at www.twitter.com/osuappcenter.

Read more https://news.okstate.edu/press-releases/2576-osu-app-center-approves-three-homegrown-apps-for-funding-


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