Wednesday, 05 February 2014 20:16

Fourteen Oklahoma State University Media and Politics students traveled to OETA’s Oklahoma City studio on Monday to observe and analyze live coverage of Governor Mary Fallin’s State of the State address.  The experience built upon last week’s well-publicized exercises centered on the State of the Union address.

OSU professor Dr. Brandon Lenoir organized the trip to provide the students with a hands-on look at live media coverage of the Governor’s speech.  The students took a tour of the station and sat in the studio during the live show.  Following the live program, OETA Anchor Dick Pryor reviewed the Governor’s speech with Dr. Lenoir and the students while comparing and contrasting it the President’s State of the Union Address.  The tour and discussion allowed Lenoir to demonstrate several concepts discussed in his Media and Politics class.  

The students who participated in the trip to Oklahoma City had already taken part in the Perception Analyzer experiment conducted during the President’s address last week.  The following students participated in Monday’s visit: Kerisa Tapper, Trey Mitchell, Randall Hamilton, Casey Jack Osborn, Kevin Gonzales, Braxton Wenk, Lucas Sheets, Katherine Rear, Hope Wiggs, Michael Mikracek, Osagie Agbon, Tyler Ames, Armando Ramirez, and Nicole McAfee. 

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