Crews on hand to treat the stadium all day.

Crews have been working all morning and will continue to work to ensure that Boone Pickens Stadium is ready for tomorrow’s football game between Oklahoma and Oklahoma State.


What the crews are doing:

·         Using snow blowers to clear walkways in the stadium.

·         Using compounds to melt the snow and ice on the stadium stairs and walkways.

·         Using brooms to clear off the stadium seats.

·         Using tractors to clear snow from the field. The snow will be piled into the back of Gators and taken out of the stadium altogether.

·         Using shovels to clear the sidelines and tight spaces in the stands.

·         Using snow blowers and compounds to melt the snow and ice from the area outside of the stadium.


Fans should:

·         Exercise caution at all times. Even though snow and ice is being melted, it will likely re-freeze overnight.

·         Wear shoes with traction and grip.

·         Monitor road conditions for your drive in.

·         Arrive early.

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