MO-KAN Livestock Market and Nevada Sale Barn

Owner: Jim Hertzog
Locations: Butler and Nevada, Mo.

History: MO-KAN Livestock Market was built in January 1992 and was started by Jerry Hertzog, Jim Hertzog and two other partners who are no longer involved with the sale barn. The MO-KAN sale is every Thursday at 11 a.m., selling all classes of cattle.
Jim recently purchased their newest endeavor, the Nevada Sale Barn. The first sale will be held on October 7. Their weekly sale will be held on Monday’s at 11 a.m., selling all classes of cattle.
Three generations own and operate Mo-KAN and the Nevada Sale Barn. Jim’s sons, Todd and Brian work at the markets full time. Jerry, Jim’s father, still puts in many hours in the family business.

Services: The MO-KAN Livestock Market offers over 50 feed and water pens and 3 1/2 acres of covered pens. They will arrange pick-up if needed and are more than happy to conduct on-farm evaluations. “Our barn has a large sale ring to show cattle in a way that ensures top price. We handle the cattle and market them as if they were our own,” explained Jim.

Nevada Renovations: A lot of work went into getting the newly opened Nevada Sale Barn ready for operation. The Hertzogs installed new gates, waterers and fences, remodeled the arena and built four big turnout pens.

Customer Service: “We are committed to supporting all livestock producers and assuring a top, competitive price through the auction – true price discovery,” concluded Jim.

Story and Photo by Lynzee Glass


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