The College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology recently welcomed the fourth delegation of visiting faculty from Vietnam’s Thai Nguyen University of Technology (TNUT).

The School of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) will host three visiting Vietnamese electrical engineering faculty members through the fall semester.

The Vietnamese Ministry of Education and Training funds this program to develop various degree programs in Vietnam patterned after the American system.

“The primary goal of this exchange is for TNUT to implement a BS degree program in electrical engineering patterned after our accredited programs in electrical and computer engineering here at OSU,” says Keith Teague, professor in ECE.

This partnership provides visiting faculty members with opportunities to sit through classes they may later teach in Vietnam, visit laboratories, obtain course materials, meet faculty, staff and students, and get more experience in English, explains Teague. Eventually, the degree program at TNUT will be taught in English by their faculty so these experiences are critical to their success.

“The future offers some exciting possibilities. We have in mind the creation of a 2+2 program where third and fourth year TNUT students would come to OSU to complete their BS degree in electrical engineering, and the possibility of graduate education for their students here at OSU.” Teague said. “Another goal is to identify engineering or computer science faculty members who would be willing to teach for short periods in Vietnam, and graduate students in English or Education who might be interested in spending time teaching English as a second language.”

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