Feast or famine sums up things – like the abundance of rain we have had this month. For three summers, we would have given a pretty penny for any part of these rains, but none fell. The year after a cool July followed by a mild August, we are green. Where is this heating they have been preaching to us about? Weather patterns took a new twist just like it has for centuries.
Last week, I read the polar bear fuss claiming that endangered bears are part of the dumb heating the earth projection. There are over 30,000 polar bears. That is up sizeable from even 20 years ago. But based on the global warming theory the “experts” counting them say that by 2050 polar bears will be endangered from melting ice. This heating theory is not an absolute deal. No one knows if it is true and many of the calculations they have used were false in proving their point.
Every week we hear new discoveries like eating “goat weed” will extend your life. I agree that many things we eat are not good for our health. Just like smoking for example. I smoked but gave it up 25 years ago, but how much better off would I be if I hadn’t smoked at all?

I have taken vitamins for years. A while back they came out with a study that said taking vitamins does little for your health. It’s a billion dollar business. I asked my family physician if he read that. He said, “Oh yeah, well take them anyway they won’t kill you and they are cheap to take.” Meaning to me he must of thought they helped keep me ticking and I appreciate that too. So I keep taking them. I expect any day to read they are killing you. My answer to that is something will anyway.
About four years ago, I was waking up stiff and complained to my doctor. My doctor sent me to another doctor who specializes in arthritis. He took x-rays, said I had it and put me on sulfa. I got much better and was in much less pain. I even stopped taking anything to ease the pain that’s how good I felt. Things went on and he cut the sulfa down. No signs of it. And finally I quit taking anything. I was fine for six weeks, but boy it came back and I was stove up bad. So I am back to taking it – no pain, no swelling and I’ll stay on it.

We can all look back and wish we did a better job of taking care of ourselves. Years ago about the only place we got any health advice was in Reader’s Digest. They found out quite fast it sold subscriptions. My wife was an RN and she said every time the magazine came out with a new disease, the doctor she worked for heard, “I must have this Monkey Fever I read about.” Today even the TV news has a health session. TV doctor shows are popular and boy do these pharmaceutical companies have disclaimers on their new drugs. It may scare you from taking them – it does me.
So we are protecting polar bears, eating strange food and fruits. We need to be on alert as to which new discovery may be the answer – wait for the next medical alert at 5 and 10 on the news.
God bless you and America, Dusty Richards
Western novelist Dusty Richards and his wife Pat live on Beaver Lake in northwest Arkansas. For more information about his books you can email Dusty by visiting ozarksfn.com and clicking on ‘Contact Us’ or call 1-866-532-1960.


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