Oklahoma State University is continuing its trend of record enrollment. This year the OSU-Stillwater campus has reached an enrollment of 24,000 and the combined OSU-Stillwater/Tulsa student population is nearly 25,800. Although these numbers won’t be official until the formal drop and add period ends next week, OSU has topped last year’s record enrollment on both campus of 25,544. 

“The growing numbers in our enrollment are a direct response to the quality of the education, the value and the incredible student experience OSU offers,” said OSU President Burns Hargis. 

The total enrollment includes an increase in the number of minority students to 30.2% of the enrollment, up from last year’s 29.6%. 

 If trends hold true from last year, graduate student enrollment could also reach an all-time high. Graduate student enrollment has topped 5,000 and is inching toward last year’s record graduate enrollment of 5,062.

This year’s freshman class stands at 3,885. The academic achievement of this class tops last year’s class in several key areas:

·      29.6% have an ACT of 27 or higher (29.2% 2012)

·      16.1% have a 4.0 high school GPA (15.1% 2012)

·      27.9%were in the top 10% of their high school class (27.6% 2012)

“I’m always excited to welcome new students to the OSU campus as they begin the pursuit of a college degree and all that is promises,” said Hargis. “We are pleased to have another strong academic class.”

2013-2014 preliminary enrollment stats

Read more https://news.okstate.edu/press-releases/2286-biggest-and-brightest


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