I am the type of person who enjoys each season. Typically, I don’t favor one season over another and by the time one season ends and the other begins I am ready to embrace the change.
My summer has been filled with family and friends, which to me is better than soaking up sunshine.
My summer kicked off with wedding showers and wedding ceremonies. Both my cousin and my littler sister tied the knot. This gave our family extra opportunities to get together. Both ceremonies were absolutely beautiful and a wonderful time to celebrate.
I must admit though, after helping my sister plan her big day for almost a year, I was slightly relieved when it was all over. It’s been months of flower shopping, cake tasting and dress fittings – the whole nine yards. But hey, when your baby sister asks you to help make her special day perfect you do what you’re told.
But for summer to really feel like summer I must attend the traditional Dallas County social event of the year, the Louisburg Picnic put on by the Louisburg Lions Club. I have attended nearly every year since I was a little girl and here we are 20-some years later and the Picnic is practically the same. Tradition is what makes it so special. I know that each summer in July I will go to the Picnic to visit with old friends, hang out with my family, eat a fish sandwich and play a little bingo. If you ask me it’s the perfect summer celebration.
Let’s not forget all the local and state fairs that bring the state to life. Like me, I am sure many of you spend your hard-earned money at local fairs. Many of you may even travel from fair to fair as your children show livestock.
As a teen I loved attending the fairs to see the projects the local FFA chapters had worked on. It was always exciting to see my friends’ projects on display or even just to see which projects took home the prize. To this day I still swing through the FFA building at the Ozark Empire Fair to show my support.
There are still many summer activities left for us to enjoy but fall has a lot of good things in store for it also. I encourage you to get out, enjoy the beautiful Ozarks and make some new memories with your family and friends.
Best wishes,


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