Three engineering programs at Oklahoma State University are labeled “Best Buys” for engineering professionals pursuing higher education master’s degrees online, based on a national survey by The publisher of the website’s affordable online degree rankings says one OSU program is ranked #7 and two have tied for #10 rankings among the 193 accredited online engineering master’s programs surveyed nationwide.

“OSU’s engineering distance learning master’s programs have consistently ranked as a top Best Buy for consumers since Get Educated began ranking online graduate engineering schools for affordability in 2005,” said founder Vicky Phillips, a national expert on online education quality and affordability.

The three top-10 affordable online engineering master’s degree programs offered by OSU’s College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology include: #7 Master of Science in Engineering and Technology Management, and tied at #10: the Master of Science in Industrial Engineering and Management as well as the Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering. All three top-ranked Best Buy online learning programs are available to Oklahoma residents for under $12,000. By comparison, the national average cost for an online engineering degree is $27,915, according to the survey.

“OSU’s online engineering programs represent what is right and forward-thinking inside public higher education today,” said Phillips. “Combining high-quality instruction using online video delivery and tenured faculty with low tuition rates, OSU is a great example of a public university where innovation is an established part of the institution’s mission.”

“At OSU, we pride ourselves in delivering high-quality education through a verity of avenues,” said Kristi Wheeler, manager of CEAT Distance Education. “In a global society, we understand that today’s students need online options to help them reach their educational goals. Being cost effective is an added bonus to our students.”

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