The Oklahoma State University Student Foundation will present its annual Cowboy Spirit concert at 8 p.m.  tomorrow at the Tumbleweed. The event benefits the student endowed scholarship fund and all proceeds will be donated to fund student scholarships through the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid. This year’s concert event will feature No Justice and a face familiar to the OSU family, Adley Stump.

How did your time at OSU prepare you for the future?

Studying marketing and PR really helped me to brand myself as an artist. I thought I would one day work for a non-profit and serve people through PR. Now I’m using the skills I learned at OSU every day. I have these tools and a strong platform for my own marketing. I have more than just singing skills because of OSU. I can use my education in my writing, in my branding.

What is it like returning to your alma mater?

It is such a cool feeling every time I come down highway 51. The memories come flooding back. The people in Stillwater know me and that is so special.  To come back here where it all started is an unbelievable feeling. I get so much support from this community and any time I get the opportunity to come and give back I just love it.

How did your participation on the Voice shape your career?

The Voice really grew my fan base, which has been so great. More importantly, it opened my eyes to the industry. If it hadn’t been for my time on the Voice I wouldn’t know what sorts of things and people I should stay away from in the music industry. 

What can we expect from your upcoming performance at the Cowboy Spirit concert?

This performance will showcase mostly new material but some familiar stuff as well. Stillwater is a home base for me. The people here know what I’ve put out so far and they are the best to try new material on. I’m excited to see how the crowd reacts and just to be back.

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By Debra Schlegel

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