Campbell’s Custom Butchering

Owner/Manager:  Mike Campbell
Location:  Norwood, Mo.

Service:  Mike Campbell goes directly to his customers and slaughters their animals on the farm. He said, “I go out and shoot them, bleed them, skin and gut them, quarter them and take them back to the plant (Forrest Meat Processing Plant).”
He hauls the quartered animal in his truck. Mike explained, “It goes under a cover. It’s all stainless steel in the back. I’ve got 180 degree capability of hot water on the truck if I want to use it to sterilize it.”

Advantages:  When Mike started his business in January 1985, his main priority “was to make sure you got the right meat back. The next priority is keeping clean,” he stated.    Mike said most of his customers don’t have a way to haul the animal. He slaughters beef, buffalo, hogs, elk, sheep and goats.    Some people believe Mike’s method, of slaughtering on the farm, makes the meat more tender. But he doesn’t know if it makes any difference. He stated, “It is stress free, but it won’t make a tough one tender.”

Rules and Regulations:  Mike said, “My rules are the same as the Processing Plant.” He also explained you cannot butcher a downed cow. “You can’t do it unless they can stand on their own and walk.”

Area of Service:  Most of Mike’s business is in Wright, Douglas and Texas Counties. But he added, “I venture into Laclede County. I do quite a bit in Ozark County and I’ve been in Howell and Greene Counties.”

Story and Photo by Brenda Brinkley


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