The buyer should at the minimum know where the used equipment came from, and have the dealer or seller tell them what their shop found or fixed on the tractor, said Phillip Branch, store manager at Larson Farm and Lawn, Inc., in Harrison, Ark.
The history will include model, serial number, owner’s manual (if available), where it was sold new and how many owners. It is important to know that hours on the hour meter on a tractor may not always be correct; these can be replaced if needed at the dealership. “Sometimes they break or become unhooked,” Mark Elbert, sales manager at Fritz Implement, Inc., in Monett, Mo., said.
The main benefit of purchasing used equipment is that the cost is cheaper than new equipment. “It also has been checked over by the dealership very well to make sure all necessary repairs have been made,” Branch said.
Branch added that there is no significant loss of value when you drive it off of the lot, compared to purchasing new machinery.
“With a late model piece of equipment most companies have a record of warranty work,” Elbert added. “It is also nice to know if the unit has been in the shop a lot or has it has had few repair needs.”
If the used equipment to be purchased is out of its original warranty, be sure to get written proof of previous warranty and information needed for purchasing a new warranty, Elbert added.
Branch said some dealerships offer a Powerguard warranty, but most used equipment is sold as-is with no warranty.
Elbert reminded buyers that every piece of equipment is different and that every piece of equipment should be tested and tried before purchasing.
“Sometimes, even a good sales and service department can miss something on a piece of equipment,” he added. “If there is a problem most dealers will work with the customer to resolve the problem.”
Purchase when you think you have a deal, Elbert added. “Some used equipment is hard to find. If you have been looking for a while and you come across what you’re looking for, take advantage of the opportunity to buy it. Chances are you are not the only one looking for that piece.”
Final advice from Elbert includes buying from someone you know and trust whenever possible. “A local dealer is great, especially if they can provide parts for what you are buying,” he added. “Service is important in the world of equipment, it doesn’t do you any good if it is broke and you can’t fix it quick.”


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