Whether you reside in Missouri, Arkansas or Oklahoma, it is very likely you are currently under a burn ban. With the dry conditions present in our region most counties have issued burn bans. Below is some information for both Arkansas and Oklahoma showing what counties have issued burn bans currently. Even if your county isn’t officially under a burn ban at the moment, please remember given the current conditions burning is very dangerous and quickly gets out of control. Fire departments across the Ozarks have been putting in plenty of overtime fighting cover fires which have gotten out of control for the past several weeks. Many of these have been the result of small fires started to burn trash or a little brush and have become out of control in a matter of minutes. Be aware of the current dry conditions and wait to do your burning until conditions improve.

Oklahoma currently has 21 county burn bans in place.  A complete list of burn bans as well as each county commissioner’s resolution is available at http://www.forestry.ok.gov/burn-ban-information. To view the details of burn bans, visit the link above, scroll down to “County Declared Burn Bans” section and click on the county to view the particulars of each resolution.

With an increase in fire activity across the state, Oklahoma Forestry Services has begun posting “Daily Fire Situation Reports” in the Media Resources section of our website; blue box at the bottom right of our home page www.forestry.ok.gov.

Arkansas currently has all but six counties under a burn ban with the wildfire danger level for the entire state listed as ‘Extreme’. http://www.arkfireinfo.org/index.php?do:showBurnBans


Arkansas Burn Bans In Effect

Red = Burn Ban in Effect



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