STILLWATER, Okla. – Oklahomans who have a curiosity about the fascinating world of insects will have the opportunity to expand their interest through a series of educational workshops that will take place at The Botanic Garden at Oklahoma State University.

Laura Payne, volunteer coordinator at The Botanic Garden, said they are joining forces with the OSU Insect Adventure to present “What’s the Buzz About Bugs.”

“This series of classes will meet one day per month for four months and participants will learn the process of making an insect collection,” Payne said. “Insect collections are a great way to learn about the incredible diversity of insects.”

Andrine Shufran, director of the OSU Insect Adventure, said she hopes to help participants make a connection with the magic of the natural world and explore the important link between gardens and insects.

“Who knows how many different species of marvelous insects we’ll find while exploring in the Botanic Garden?” Shufran said.

Classes are open to all ages, and will take place from 9:30-11 a.m. in conjunction with the open house activities that take place at The Botanic Garden each month. A $15 fee will cover the cost of materials for all four classes for members of The Botanic Garden. The fee is $20 for nonmembers. Scholarships are available by calling Payne at 405-744-4531.

The sessions begin July 21 and participants will learn information including field collection techniques, making a collection jar, proper pinning and labeling techniques, how to spread the wings of butterflies, and how to identify insects.

The July workshop will focus on how to collect insects. During the Aug. 18 workshop, participants will bring the insects they have collected and learn how to properly spread the wings of butterflies and how to pin their other insects.

The Sept. 15 workshop will focus on teaching participants how to identify and label their insect collections.

“The workshops will culminate Oct. 6 during our annual GardenFest celebration,” Payne said. “We want everyone to bring their collections back to The Botanic Garden where they will be judged and we’ll award prizes. We’ll also have a category for single insect specimens.”

Payne also noted that this experience will give Oklahoma youth the knowledge they need to make collections they can enter in the county and state fairs.


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