“EPA can not stand for END PRODUCTION AGRICULTURE,” by far my favorite quote by Senator Roy Blunt during the 2012 Missouri State University Collegiate Farm Bureau Agricultural Forum.
Senator Roy Blunt and Congressman Billy Long were the speakers for the evening. During Senator Blunt’s opening remarks he stated, “It is nice to be part of a functioning organization – we’re part of Congress which isn’t functioning.”
Here are a few highlights from the forum.
Senator Blunt gave his remarks on the EPA dust regulation saying, “These regulations wouldn’t allow us to be as competitive as we can. We’ve got to send a big signal that the EPA can not stand for end production agriculture.”
It was encouraging to listen to Senator Blunt’s comments on the withdrawal of the Farm Labor Laws. He said, “My parents had a rule, I could do anything on the farm that I was big enough to do. I learned lots of things the same way you’ve learned them.”
Congressman Long mirrored Senator Blunt’s frustration with the attempt to regulate children from working on farms. Both seem pleased with the withdrawal from the Department of Labor.
Among the evenings hot topics was the farm bill. Both Senator Blunt and Congressman Long stressed their opinions that Congress can’t put off this big decision any longer. One audience member asked, “Is there any chance of passing the Farm Bill this year?” Senator Blunt responded by saying “Probably not this year. Early passage next year maybe.”
Another interesting topic addressed by the two speakers was their comments on renewable fuel. “Fuel prices are killing everyone in this country. Everything comes to us by truck,” said Congressman Long.
Senator Blunt followed up by saying, “Ultimately, we need to make a commitment to be as energy secure as we can. I think we could be largely energy independent in a decade but we need to look at other crops besides corn and beans. Our number one priority should be more American private sector jobs and energy is the key.”
One concern brought up by audience participation was the newly proposed Dairy Security Act expected to be included in the Farm Bill, which would focus on the dynamics of milk price and feed cost. Forum participants urged the speakers to pass this bill. Senator Blunt made this comment, “A consistent, quality supply of milk is important. The challenge here is establishing a base for every farm. I’m going to watch it very carefully.”
I was pleased to hear the many comments from Senator Blunt and Congressman Long. It’s not everyday you get to sit amongst farmers in a room with these two. It’s pleasing to know they take the time to talk to local producers and let them ask questions.
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