As spring gets under way, the weather is perfect for completing those unfinished projects around the house or farm. What about that unsightly shed or dangerous barn that you have been meaning to renovate? Now may be the time, but what things should you consider first?
According to Jose Mendoza, sales manager for Metal Building Supply in Gravette, Ark., when remodeling or adding-on check screws. “A good time to replace nails with screws is when you are remodeling. Most construction projects aren’t using nails anymore they are strictly using screws.”
Mendoza explained that anytime you can replace an existing frame with metal, you’ll be better off in the long run to avoid rotting and for the structure to become more fire resistant.
“You don’t want to wash or use cleaning products on metal. The paint acts as a barrier and by washing the metal the paint begins to break down leaving the raw metal exposed,” added Mendoza.
The right paint can be beneficial on multiple surfaces according to Lester Wienert, owner of Wienert Manufacturing Company and Grab ‘em Paints. “Upon drying, Grab ‘em Paints is a multi-purpose coating film that can be applied to a multitude of woods, metals, masonries and repainted surfaces. One advantage of this paint is it will add a layer of zinc metal when applied to a bare iron surface and add a new layer of zinc metal on a severely corroded galvanized sheet, such as flat sheets with white rust, guard rails, poles, metal buildings and grain bins.”
If the roof is in bad shape replacing it or covering it with a metal roof and adding a pitch may be the best options according to Stanley Armstrong with A&C Construction in Lebanon, Mo.
When adding onto an old building, one solution to reinforcing the old structure is to re-sheet the existing building while you are sheeting the new addition explained Armstrong. “When you take off old sheeting it is a good idea to add new insulation or vapor barrier. Most older buildings don’t have a vapor barrier or insulation, so take advantage of adding them during the remodel.”
Mendoza stressed that you should maintain your outbuildings the same as you would your home. “Much like your home you should keep water draining away from the building. And if the building is under trees where there is sap build-up or other debris build-up on the roof use a soft nylon brush and water. Do not use other cleaning products.”
Above all if the building is constructed well then maintenance should be minimal. Fix problems at the onset and the building should outlast you.


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