You know you’re getting old when you were thrown from a horse nearly a month ago and can still feel the affects. Don’t worry I’m all right, just not a spring chicken anymore despite how much I try to ignore it.
A few weeks back while visiting some friends of mine we decided to go for an evening ride. Having not been on a horse in probably two years I was excited and a tad bit unconfident.
As a kid I was on a horse as often as possible and was fearless; I guess you lose that fearlessness, as you get older. Time has just got away from me and riding doesn’t seem to be a top priority. So when my friends offered to take me riding I couldn’t turn down the opportunity.
We saddled up the horses and began riding in the yard so the horse would get use to me and me to it. Everything was fine until we started riding in the field. My friend’s horse took of running at full speed and the horse I was on followed suit despite my efforts to make him stop. Straight ahead a tree branch was hanging right at eye level, I ducked down to avoid being close-lined when the branch hit me on the left shoulder throwing me off and onto the ground.
My friends, who watched the whole thing happen, were concerned for my safety and embarrassed for trusting that horse enough to put me on him. But I guarantee they weren’t nearly as embarrassed as I was.
Regardless of being a little sore and even more nervous I walked right back over to the horse got back on and continued to ride. Feeling just like the girl portrayed in the Brooks and Dunn song, “Cowgirls Don’t Cry,” but not near as dramatic I assure you.
After everything, I still enjoyed our evening ride and maybe next time I won’t wait so long to ride again but I’m sure it will be a while before they invite me over for a ride.
Here it is nearly a month later and I’m still noticing a slight stiffness in my right hip. If this is a glimpse of my future maybe I should be a little more cautious.
Best wishes,


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