We are going back to slaughtering horses. Even the PETA people have agreed, the prohibition of horse slaughter has not worked as planned. The prohibition led to horse owners releasing unwanted horses, which led to starvation and more problems. Cruel hauling to get these horses to the U.S. borders has ended in more severe conditions for unwanted horses. The whole business has made even good horses worth less. The cost to ethically destroy a horse has reached $600, a ridiculous sum. People, who did not even own horses, rushed this law through congress.
Last year in the drought area, abandoned horses suffered, dying from starvation. The horse slaughter industry won’t restart over night, but a new horse slaughter business will soon be revived.
This should also lead to destroying unwanted “wild ones.” Mustangs are feral animals. The U.S. government is spending millions of dollars feeding these animals that overstock our ranges. Over by Tulsa you pass herds of them that cost the U.S. taxpayer millions each year to maintain. Let’s get a sensible program to eliminate them, in a time when we borrow money from China to operate all our federal handout programs – it is time to rethink all such programs and their cost.
Last year green energy cost Americans $28 a person for the subsidy of windmills and solar power. Besides the high cost for such power from those projects it only produced 1 and 1/2 percent of our nation’s electricity. That does not include the cost of these big solar companies you and I loaned money to that were already going downhill.
The last figure I saw for the electric cars now on the market was they cost you and me almost $30,000 in subsidies per car on the road. Besides the ridiculous window sticker the cars in the Super Bowl ad only go 40 miles and then need recharged. And on the other hand everyone else is saying save electric energy because we can’t afford new plants and they are about to take plants away from us.
Down in southeast Oklahoma, in what I call Reba McEntire country, I have noticed they reopened the coal mine operations down there. That country down there has had its share of economic woes and there are train car loads of coal going out big time. Good, that means folks have jobs and good ones. But do you know where that coal is going? Up wind from us, they are shipping it to China who is up wind from us and the worst polluter on this earth. They won’t let us burn that coal in an American power plant.
I am not opposed to change but we need to be sensible and not use experiments to replace good systems. May the good Lord bless and keep you until the next issue.  
Western novelist Dusty Richards and his wife Pat live on Beaver Lake in northwest Arkansas. For more information about his books you can email Dusty by visiting ozarksfn.com and clicking on ‘Contact Us’ or call 1-866-532-1960.


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