C Chanel’s Nitro 1027 ET first won the junior bull calf division and is a son of UPS TCC Nitro 1ET and owned by Colyer Herefords, Bruneau, Idaho, and Curtis & Jackie Castle, Crawford, Okla.

Gary & Kathy Buchholz, Waxahachie, Texas; Purple Reign Cattle Co., Toulon, Ill.; and Prairie Rose Cattle Co., Sherman, Ill., claimed the reserve horned bull title with GKB PRCC Downtown Avenue ET. He first won the spring bull calf division and is sired by GKB Downtown B627 ET.

The champion polled bull, STAR Shock Wave 13Y ET, is by STAR TCF Shock & Awe 158W ET. He first won the junior bull calf division and is owned by Star Lake Cattle Ranch, Skiatook, Okla.; DeLHawk Cattle, Earlville, Ill.; Moss Land & Cattle, Powell Butte, Ore.; and Shock Wave Group, Skiatook, Okla.

H WCC/WB 668 Wyarno 9500 ET was chosen reserve champion polled bull after winning the senior bull division. He is a son of TH JWR SOP 16G 57G Tundra 63N and is owned by Hoffman Herefords, Thedford, Neb., and OJJ Ranch, Shelley, Idaho.

In the female show, Purple RRO Ruby 41X won the horned show and GO Ms Outcross X76 won the polled show. Ruby is a spring yearling by JCS Showtime and owned by Korbin Collins, Flanagan, Ill. Reserve horned female honors went to Kari Brumley, Orovada, Nev., with BF 743 Burlesque 092X ET, a fall calf by CRR About Time 092X ET.

Champion polled female, GO Ms Outcross X76, is owned by Kyra Stierwalt, Leedey, Okla., and a junior yearling by Golden Oak Outcross 18U. Barber Ranch, Channing, Texas, won the reserve champion polled heifer title with BR CSF Breezy 1076 ET by STAR TCF Shock & Awe 158W ET.

In the cow-calf show, on the horned side, Dylan Harden, Sulphur, Okla., won top honors with LH Miss Intense 9287 ET by BR DM TNT 7010 ET. She showed with a September bull calf by HH Advance 5031R at side. Reserve champion horned cow-calf pair was owned by Scott Chachere, Dayton, Texas, with GKB TMH Tailor Made 9117 ET by UPS TCC Nitro 1ET.

On the polled side, Lucas, Logan and Cory Stumpf, Columbia, Ill., won the champion cow-calf banner with DCC AC 5072 Queen 7298 ET by DBLL DCC 8006 Powerful 5072 ET. She showed with a November heifer calf by STAR TCF Reflections 308W ET at side. Reserve champion polled cow-calf pair was owned Precious Atlas, Grandview, Texas, with Atlas Pretty As 66T 10N 69W by Atlas Be Kootenay 10N. She showed with her September bull calf at side.

Langford Herefords, Okmulgee, Okla., won the horned premier breeder and exhibitor banners as well as best six head and get-of-sire. Star Lake Cattle Ranch won polled premier breeder and exhibitor.

To view complete results of the 2012 Fort Worth Stock Show National Hereford Show visit Hereford.org. Champion pictures are available by request, contact Angie Denton at [email protected].

Additional female division results

Horned spring calf champion heifer: Brady Jensen, Courtland, Kan., with KJ DWE 968R Tori 457Y by THR Thor 4029.

Reserve horned spring calf champion heifer: Rylee Barber, Channing, Texas, with BR Bailee 1066 ET by DM BR Sooner.

Reserve polled spring calf champion heifer: Whispering Pine Farms LLC, Kimball, Minn., with H KH DD Anabelle 1206 ET by Golden Oak Outcross 18U.

Horned junior calf champion heifer: Emit & Ethan Garman, Siloam Springs, Ark., with WORR Karma X67 by Purple Milsap 45S.

Reserve horned junior calf champion heifer: Elizabeth Nessler, Sherman, Ill., with GKB TMH 158W Breeze B113 ET by STAR TCF Shock & Awe 158W ET.

Polled junior calf champion heifer: Logan Stumpf, Columbia, Ill., with STAR Impassable Dream 80Y ET by Golden Oak Outcross 18U.

Reserve polled junior calf champion heifer: Star Lake Cattle Ranch and Jaci & Jason Barber, Ft. Worth, Texas, with STAR She’s Awe Right 11Y ET by STAR TCF Shock & Awe 158W ET.

Reserve horned fall calf champion heifer: Haley Hudson, Harrison, Ark., with Churchill Lady 0230X ET by Golden Oak Outcross 18U.

Polled fall calf champion heifer: Kaine Warnken, Schulenburg, Texas, with JWR Big 6096 Trindy 201X ET by TH JWR SOP 18G 57G Tundra 63N.

Reserve polled fall calf champion heifer: Chloe Cox, Stillwater, Okla., and Curtis & Jackie Castle, Crawford, Okla., with C Chanel Nitro 0275 ET by UPS TCC Nitro 1ET.

Horned intermediate champion heifer: Staci and Cameron Curry, McAlester, Okla., with CH JR Judy 0040 ET by DM BR L1 Domino 146.

Reserve horned intermediate champion heifer: Kari Brumley with BAR1 743 Mae X15 ET by CRR About Time 743.

Polled intermediate champion heifer: Rachel Adkins, Shamrock, Texas, with BR Terri 0085 ET by Remitall Online 122 L.

Reserve polled intermediate champion heifer: Audrey Nolan, Gilmer, Texas, with NH MS Baresa X508 ET by BR Moler ET.

Reserve horned spring yearling champion heifer: Garrett Buchholz, Waxahachie, Texas, with WH Sara Lee 004X by TCC Orange County Chopper 70ET.

Polled spring yearling champion heifer: Edy Brainard, Canadian, Texas, with KLD 3060 Penny Lane D105 ET by BR Lansing 3060.

Reserve polled spring yearling champion heifer: Gary & Kathy Buchholz and Bar Oak Ranch, Tolar, Texas, with C Ms Nitro 0236 ET by UPS TCC Nitro 1ET.

Horned junior yearling champion heifer: Elizabeth Nessler with C&M New Mexico Lady 0011 by H5 9126 Domino 752.

Reserve horned junior yearling champion heifer: JD House Schnitker, Turkey, Texas, with BF Cheyenne 005 by MHW Chekota 512.

Reserve polled junior yearling champion heifer: Bailey Buck, Madill, Okla., with Blacktop Vicky 028 ET by BR Moler ET.

Additional bull division results

Polled spring calf champion bull: Flatter Hereford Farms, Yellow Springs, Ohio, Chad Wilson, Cloverdale, Ind., and Wyatt Flatter, Yellow Springs, Ohio, with WCC FHF Real Steel ET by NJW FHF 9710 Tank 45P.

Reserve polled spring calf champion bull: Barber Ranch, Channing, Texas, and Cottonwood Springs Farm, Cedar, Mich., with BR CSF Maverick Y105 ET by THM Durango 4037.

Reserve horned spring calf champion bull: Barber Ranch with BR Joe Domino 1014 ET by CL 1 Domino 955W.

Reserve polled junior calf champion bull: Cody Brown, Dwight, Kan., with JLB W26 Legacy 1101 by GO Larry W26.

Reserve horned junior calf champion bull: Hoffman Herefords and Katie & Coy Egbert, Wichita Falls, Texas, with H KE Maxium 102 ET by Golden-Oak 4J Maxium 28M.

Polled fall calf champion bull: BJ Herman & Sons, Edgerton, Ohio; Star Lake Cattle Ranch; Kasey Herman, Skiatook, Okla., and Harrison Cattle Co., Arapaho, Okla., with STAR KKH SSF Tymeless 506X ET by CRR About Time 743.

Reserve polled fall calf champion bull: Oak Ledge Farm, Belmont, N.H., with KEB Lariat Legacy S01ETX by HCC Legacy S01 ET.

Horned fall calf champion bull: Jordan, Kelley, Mark and Nathan Largent, Kaycee, Wyo., with L3 Desert Diamond 115 by L3 Diamond 679.

Reserve horned fall calf champion bull: Jay & Cindy Brown, Junction City, Kan., and Jason & Lori Brown, Dwight, Kan., with JC Tucker 061 by DPH Tucker 277T.

Polled intermediate champion bull: Hattie and Ray Duncan, Wingate, Ind., with AA HRD Chuckwagon 0138 by Ultra Max R117 U71.

Reserve polled intermediate champion bull: Jamie or Kevin Baker, Hillsboro, Texas, with KJB Pierre 73X by DM BR Keynote 4106 ET.

Horned intermediate champion bull: Austin Breeding, Miami, Texas, with B&C Top Gun 0145 1ET by GH Adams Top Gun ET 516T.

Polled yearling champion bull: Lowderman Cattle Co., Macomb, Ill.; Hoffman Herefords; and Cory Wood, Maysville, Mo., with H Ricochet 0314 ET by TH 75J 243R Bailout 144U ET.

Reserve polled yearling champion bull: James, Harvey and Bradley Duke, Regina, Sask., and Star Lake Cattle Ranch-Can, Springbrook, Ont., with STAR Market Index 70X ET by RVP STAR 533P Can-Am ET 57U.

Horned yearling champion bull: Malone Hereford Farm, Moline, Kan.; Ewing Farms, Fordland, Mo.; Trent McMillen, Walnut Grove, Mo.; and Hoffman-W4 LLC, Thedford, Neb., with H W4 Pure Country 0109 by Golden Oak Outcross 18U.

Reserve horned yearling champion bull: W4 Ranch, Morgan, Texas, with W4 8203 Advance 103X ET2 by HH Advance B203U ET.

Reserve polled senior champion bull: TCF & Co., Petoskey, Mich.; Star Lake Cattle Ranch; and Turkey Feather Ranch, Ada, Okla., with STAR TCF Lock-N-Load 300W ET by LaGrand Reload 80P ET.


Contact: Angie Stump Denton at [email protected] or 785-363-7238


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