Technology – where would we be without it? Is it good or bad? Sometimes both. When you know how to use it, it can be very beneficial but my problem is not knowing how to use it. Friends and co-workers (I won’t mention any names) often make fun of me for not being “tech savvy.”
“Google it” is a phrase thrown around our office quite a bit. Anytime a question is asked the typical response is “Google it.” But why should Google be my first choice when maybe, just maybe, my coworkers may already know the answer giving them the chance to “show off” their knowledge? Not knowing how to use Google isn’t my problem, in this case, but sometimes boycotting the fact that everyone assumes it will have the answers is necessary – okay, usually it does but that is not my point. My point being, we shouldn’t be so reliant on technology. What ever happened to a dictionary or encyclopedia?
The truth is though, I would be lost without technology; literally, I would be lost without my Garmin. It’s still in the top five for best Christmas presents (not a pair of coveralls, mom. I’ll tell that story later). It is very useful. Now that Lebanon is my new hometown many times I can’t find things so I just plug in the location and boom it takes me there. Finding farms for interviews would be nearly impossible most of the time but thanks to my Garmin I arrive on time, usually.
There are still so many technology trends that are way ahead of me – smart phones, iPods, iPads and every kind of gaming system. All of this makes me sound so old and out of touch with my generation but you know what? I get along just fine. These things can be so entertaining and helpful but part of my not catching up with the tech world is due to the issue of being cheap, I would rather spend my money on things like boots.
Okay, now to the worst Christmas present ever. One Christmas, my younger sister and I were opening our presents and like most of the time we had similar presents therefore were required to open them at the same time. So we go to open a fairly large box, as the box came open, we reached inside, pulled out a new pair of coveralls, threw them to the ground and in unison said, “That’s the worst Christmas present ever!” Now please don’t think we were being bratty little girls, it’s just all we could envision was more work. Coveralls equal cutting wood and countless other chores.
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