Perhaps one of the hardest decisions to make when buying a new tractor is which dealer you want to work with. After speaking with salesmen from Kubota, John Deere and New Holland, they all agreed that it is important to have a good relationship with your dealership and know exactly what services they offer after the sale.
Bill Schrader, a salesman for Legacy Farm and Lawn in Lockwood, Mo., pointed out that John Deere has the ability to ship parts overnight to the dealer nearest you so you can get back to work. Schrader also recommended investigating the possible resale value of equipment before you buy. By looking at the sales data of used equipment, Schrader believes that John Deere holds its value well.
Each salesman also recommended thoroughly doing your homework and comparing exactly what options are available from the various brands, and then comparing prices for a tractor equipped exactly how you want it.
For instance, Jim Anderson of Anderson Car and Tractor in Joplin, Mo., spoke of the options available on Kubota tractors and how they strive to make the little things better than the competition. He also recommended test driving multiple tractors and trying out the features to find the differences. As an example, he said that Kubota’s front-wheel-assist tractors have a tighter turning radius than the competition, allowing them to work better in tight spaces and turn on fields without tearing up the ground.
Another thing to consider is how much it will cost to operate and maintain a tractor and how difficult it might be to work on if you need to down the road. Mike Barber, a salesman for S&H Farm Supply in Lockwood, Mo., stated that New Holland is a leader in producing fuel efficient tractors and that they were the first to offer the ability to burn bio-diesel blend fuels. He also added that New Holland was the first to a offer one-piece tilt hood, which makes working on the engine and doing routine maintenance much quicker and easier.


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