If you haven’t taken the Facebook plunge yet, not to worry, there is plenty of time to “get social.”

Using Facebook as a Marketing Tool
1. Cross-promote:  If your farm has a website, blogs or Tweets – be sure and post blog posts, new web postings and Tweets on your Facebook page.
2. Develop an objective:  Why are you using social media? To find new customers, raise awareness about agriculture, take a political stance or for a web-presence? Figure out what the purpose is for your page and stick to it.
3. Answer these questions on your page:  Who are you? What do you do on your farm? What makes your farm different than others? Why are you a valuable source for consumers to follow? What are your products and why are they important?
4. Focus Group:  Do you have an idea for a new farm product? Try using your “friends” as a built in focus group and bounce ideas off them.
5. Engage consumers:  Post photos of you and family caring for your livestock and narrate the photos. But, don’t write a book – people will not read it if it’s lengthy. Put a face to your farm name – if asked a question by a consumer, respond accurately and in a timely manner.
Engaging your farm in Facebook is an effective use of your time with a little bit of homework. Remember, consumers make buying choices because of their feelings about the people that raise their food and the products they produce.


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