Available for expert comment

Frank Wideman, MU Extension natural resources engineering specialist, can answer reporters’ questions on disaster readiness, response and recovery at the household, community and state level: 573-547-4504 or [email protected].

Megan Webb, MU Extension nutrition and health education specialist, Sedalia: 660-827-0591 or [email protected].

Bob Schultheis, MU Extension natural resources engineering specialist, Marshfield: 417-859-2044 or [email protected].


News releases

Saving your food when the power goes off LAMAR, Mo. – When the power goes off, there is a simple rule of thumb for saving refrigerated food: The colder the foods, the longer they will keep, said a University of Missouri Extension nutrition and health education specialist.

Tips for safe food preparation after a disaster LAMAR, Mo. – There are several tips to remember about safe food preparation in disaster situations.

Remedies exist for trees wounded by storm GALENA, Mo. — Repair may be in order to keep storm-damaged trees healthy and less susceptible to disease and insects, says a University of Missouri Extension agronomy specialist.

Take care using chain saws during storm recovery work MARSHFIELD, Mo. — Homeowners and disaster-recovery volunteers who use chain saws should use extreme caution to prevent injuries.

Avoiding injury during post-disaster cleanup SEDALIA, Mo.– Megan Webb, nutrition and health education specialist for University of Missouri Extension, advises homeowners and disaster-recovery volunteers to be safe during the cleanup process in this video news story.

Protect yourself from contractor fraud COLUMBIA, Mo. – When storms, floods and other disasters leave damaged homes in their path, local contractors often get more business than they can handle. In many cases, out-of-town contractors will arrive in force to pick up the slack.

Property loss from disasters may be tax deductible COLUMBIA, Mo. – Disaster victims may recoup some of their uninsured losses because uncompensated property losses from natural disasters are tax deductible, said a University of Missouri Extension consumer and family economics specialist.


Feature articles, quick answers and other resources from MissouriFamilies.org

What are some ways to prevent heat-related illnesses? The most effective way to manage heat illness is to prevent it. These guidelines offer simple steps for the prevention of heat related injuries. http://missourifamilies.org/quick/nutritionqa/fitqa6.htm

What is heat exhaustion and what prevents it? Heat exhaustion is a more serious state of heat illness that usually occurs in a person who has not gotten used to exercising in the heat. http://missourifamilies.org/quick/nutritionqa/fitqa3.htm

Food safety after a power outage Whether your freezer and refrigerator are shut off due to storm, forgetfulness or accident, the food safety rules about what to keep or toss are the same. http://missourifamilies.org/features/copingarticles/coping13.htm

Fast Food for Emergency Meals? When emergencies strike, an emergency supply of food is needed – fast! After the emergency, especially if the power is out for a prolonged period, an appropriate emergency food supply is essential. http://missourifamilies.org/features/copingarticles/coping17.htm


Publications and videos

(To access publications, use the links below or go to http://extension.missouri.edu/publications/and search by publication number.)

EMW1001, Statewide Disaster Response/Recovery Contact List

EMW1011, Family Disaster Plan– A template to guide families through the process of developing a comprehensive disaster plan.

EMW1012, Disaster Supplies Kit– A downloadable guide to gathering the supplies your family will need if a disaster strikes.

EMW1015, Sizing and Safety Tips for Standby Power Generators

EMW1016, Generator Safety Concerns Video

EMW1019, Tornado Season: Are You Ready?

EMW1021, Taking Shelter From the Storm: Safe Rooms Video

EMW1022, Financial Recovery and Risk Management

G1905, Is Your Family Prepared for an Earthquake?

MP904, Resources for Your Flooded Home


Other links

MU Extension Community Emergency Management Program (CEMP): http://extension.missouri.edu/cemp

Extension Disaster Education Network (EDEN) resources: http://eden.lsu.edu

Read more http://extension.missouri.edu/news/DisplayStory.aspx?N=1204


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