Wrestling your project around on the ground is rarely practical and trying to hold something large like a door or a sheet of plywood while sawing is dangerous. Makeshift platforms are often flimsy or uneven. A cheap and simple solution to this problem is a good set of sawhorses.
First, cut four legs from straight 2×4 materials. Instructables.com recommended 30” length, but depending on your height and personal preference, you may want to make your legs longer which would make a higher working height. It is also necessary to cut an angled chamfer on one end of each leg. This is done along the longer edge of the board and is essential to keep the sawhorse from binding when opened.
Next, put the angled size of the 2×4 down, and affix some plywood or 1×12 to the back side of each pair of legs. You can use nails or screws based on your preference. Once again, the author recommended a 30” length, but that can be varied depending on your sawhorses intended purpose.
Then, flip the boards over and drill a 1/4” hole parallel to the plywood about an inch from the top of the board and an inch from the plywood.
After the holes are bored, carefully measure and mark the other two legs so the holes will match the ones you just bored. Make sure the angled cut will be facing the plywood on the first side. The author recommended driving a 16 penny nail into the second set of legs to match the holes in the first set, then cutting off the head, and matching the remainder of the nail in the holes on the first legs. For sturdier sawhorses, you can use 1/4 All-thread and bolt the legs together instead.
Next, fasten another piece of plywood or 1×12 to match the first piece you used to the second, interior set of legs. Be sure not to accidentally affix it to the first set of legs.
The last step is to drill a 1/2” hole through the plywood or 1×12, centered between the legs and about 2” from the bottom of the board. Put a short piece of sturdy rope through the holes, and then tie a knot on one side. Then, open your new folding sawhorse and tie another knot on the other side to prevent them from opening too far.
Repeat the above steps to make another sawhorse identical to the first so you have a matching set. They are quick and simple to make, and they store easily.


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