Where to Hunt and Fish, LLC, is providing an opportunity for landowners/ranchers to derive income from their land. A new online site is set up to provide a service for landowners to allow hunting and fishing on their property for a fee. Where to Hunt and Fish, LLC, is the brainchild of two young men from Arkansas, Jeremy Schreckhise and Barry Rowton.
Barry said, “I come from a very non-hunting family background and have had very few opportunities to learn how to hunt. Jerry is a successful hunter and is passionate about the sport. Through our friendship came the hunting relationship, where he is teaching me how to become a good hunter. Since neither of us owned land, we realized we needed a way to gain access to land for hunting.”
While talking to other sportsmen, they realized that others had the same problem – wanting to hunt, but not having access to land.
The new website was developed because of this need, and is a place where landowners can display and offer access to their property to potential hunters who would like to be allowed to hunt for a fee. The site is set up so that the landowner can describe his land, the time and places where hunting is allowed and the game that is available. There is no cost to the landowner to register his property. A fee of 15 percent of the hunting fee will be charged when a hunt is booked. As little as 15 acres can be listed and the fees are collected through PayPal.
The site is a great way to rid property of an overpopulation of game, such as wild hogs, and make a fee at the same time. The landowner can use the site to help with depredation issues where deer and hogs may be destroying crops, gardens, etc. A landowner can place a hunting site right where the damage is occurring and then charge a low fee to attract hunters to remove the problem game from the property.
Doyle Shook, wildlife biologist for Arkansas Game and Fish, said, “This website will definitely fill a void. It is a good thing and it allows landowners, without a lot of effort, to offer opportunities to hunters. The landowners won’t get rich, but will still have an opportunity to make a little extra.”
The website is dedicated to helping sportsmen gain access to land, while at the same time providing extra income for farmers and ranchers.
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