Name:  Ethan Fischer
Parents:  Doug and Tracy Fischer
FFA Chapter:  Forsyth High School, Advisor, John Wyatt

How are you involved in agriculture?
“I’m the Vice President of my FFA Chapter. I’m on the ag mechanics (contest) team, and I work at Turkey Creek Feed and Farm Supply in Hollister. There I take out feed, and help people figure out what vaccinations they need for their cows and horses. I also sell feed and tell people what feed and mineral they need for this time of year. I’ve been working there a year, and I learned most of what I need to know for there in Ag (classes), from vet reps and old-timers.”

Why is it important for youth to be involved in agriculture?
“Ag is the future of our country. Without ag our country would fall apart. There has always got to be someone farming the land, someone transporting the crops and making the most of the resources we have.”

What’s in the future for you?
“I start the Missouri Welding Institute August 17. After there, I’ll head to Wyoming or Alaska to weld on pipelines. I want to make enough money to retire and buy some land and run cattle, horses or buffalo.”

What’s the best advice you’d give a feed store customer right now?
“We get a lot of ‘city boys’ and tourists in the feed store. I’d tell them farming is a lot harder than they think. I’d tell a farmer, feed high mag in the spring when the fresh grass is shooting up.”

By OFN Staff


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