I’m glad we’ve got a variety of ag in this area that’s pretty hardy in the heat and the cold. Those baby calves sure do kick up their heels when fresh hay is layed out for them over the cold snow. I think they’re as excited about the bedding as they are the feed aspect of that hay. I helped chop ice for the first time this winter. It wasn’t too bad, because, thanks to those hardy cattle, they do most of the chopping themselves, believe it or not. I know we have to help ‘em out a little, but I think we’ve all done pretty well creating cattle that really will survive. It might be really cold, but we’re not threatened to lose a year’s crop because of the weather. Thankfully, those little calves can stand the weather for the most part… and our goats and colts don’t come till a little later in the spring. And we have the technology to keep the chicken and hog barns warm. There is a lot to be thankful for in this day and age.
I thought about the words to the popular New Year’s song “Auld Lang Syne” this year. Auld lang syne actually means “old long since,” or “days gone by.” I think we can all cheer to these past few years’ days gone by, and we can all be hopeful, and look forward to even better days in 2010.
God Bless,


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