Name:  Dalton Johnson
Family:  Parents, Kevin and Susan Johnson. Dalton has two brothers, Chester and Kyle. He also has a twin sister, Devin.
FFA:  Marshfield High School; Advisors: Bill Roberts and Kyle Whitaker

How are you involved in agriculture?
“I’ve been working for Kevin Dill, on his dairy farm, since February. I like it. It’s fun. I’ve also worked with cattle at my Grandpa Johnson’s.”

What's your favorite pastime in the summer?
“Tractor-pulling.” Dalton has been pulling his tractor since the fall of 2006.

How did you get your first tractor?
“Dad bought it. I’ve worked for the parts. It takes a lot of parts to get it running right. We also put the roll cage on it. It's a 560 International."

Are you learning anything from pulling?
“Responsibilities and how to take care of stuff. I’m learning about the motor and what makes it run better. I save money from working and have put my money into tractor-pulling. Before the job at the dairy, I worked construction for my uncle. I did excavating.” Dalton’s mother, Susan, added, “He’s been responsible for paying for everything related to his pulling tractor.”

What's the best you've done pulling, and where?
“I got first at Billings. I got second at the Missouri State Fair. I just like to pull. It’s nice to win, but I just like to pull.”

Who is your role model?
“My dad. We’re a lot alike. I like everything he likes to do.”

What are your future plans?
“I’d like to do construction, with heavy equipment. Excavating. My dad and uncle are into excavating. I also want to live on a farm and have cows. I've always lived on a farm, and I have five horses, now.”
By Brenda Brinkley


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