I feel like I’ve gone a million miles since my last column. Truth be told, I haven’t gone anywhere, I’ve just been “busy.” I just love that word. Busy. We’re all so busy. August was over before I even knew it, and where did September go? My garden was mildly neglected this year and my level of helping at the farm was diminished to about zero.
That’s just how it goes when you’re busy, though, right? But truthfully, a lot of people I meet really are working so hard to make ends meet. And I sure hope ends are meeting. There’s nothing worse than being loaded up with things to do, and yet feel like you’re spinning your wheels when it comes to just gettin’ stuff done. We’ve put together this issue on Ag Marketing just for the purpose of “ends meeting”. It’s a new issue for us, and we’re hoping you’ll like it. We’ve compiled some good information on ways of marketing your livestock and products either at the sale barn, at the farmer’s market or directly off the farm.
We’ve asked the sale barn guys, the folks up at the Department of Agriculture, real estate and auction guys, and even you, Ozarks Farm & Neighbor readers, how to get the most out of our hard efforts at the farm.
Thanks for all those efforts, and keep up the good work. There’s lots of opportunities out there still, and I think it’s gonna be a great fall for the farmer. Here’s to healthy, hardy livestock, and high markets.
God Bless,


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